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I sent her to canada to have some time out...

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Hi have just joined i have a 15 dautgher who used to be loving and kind but she is has so much anger inside, wont go to school ...drinks ...stays out all night ...i have tried everything.

i sent her to canada to have some time out with my sister for two months. my sister was saying there nothing wrong with her ...she a lovely girl until the other night my sister went into her room and found a pair of shoes and sun glasses that belong to her, so now she say my daughter is a criminal, and i have changed her flight to come home, but i just don't know what to do now.


Anonymous said...

have you spoken much to your daughter? is she skipping school because of issues there? does she have any friendship problems? are there any other issues that you may not know about?

have you asked your daughter about home schooling- is it something she'd want to do?

I would also say that punishing her, is not the wisest thing to do.

There is no easy answer for you, I wish there was- but I think talking over with your daughter might help you find the solution. Keep the lines of communication open if you can.

Anonymous said...

I stopped being a nagging mother, and Listened to my daughter as a friend would. Gave her some space to be her own person, as much as it scared me to death. I started enjoying the things she loved as a child and doing them with her again. Now she is 16 and driving, and holding down a full time job, plus attending high school, and making plans for college. Sometimes if you pressure your children or back them into a corner, they will rebel, and then you've got real problems, so just try, as much as it hurts to let go a little bit. It does help.

Anonymous said...

I have a daughter who is coming home shortly from an attention center. Its for teens out of control. She has been there for 7 almost 8 months. She has made lots of progress so she can return home.

The center teaches authority, respect of parents, rules, consequences, and more. It has made a difference.

Anonymous said...

I'm a teenage daughter,but i would not call myself out of control. First set boundaries and stick to them, if you have a rule make sure you enforce it. That way they know that you're serious about stopping the bad behavior. Try not to judge them for the things that shes done talk to her and listen to her point of view. Don't just acknowledge when she does something wrong, try to point out even the little things she does right. Hope some of that helped