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My daughter's father plays the good guy...

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My daughter's father plays the good guy and will not back me up on issues and does not follow through with the same boundries.

My daughter is 16 years old, and at 15 years ran away 3 times...

My daughter is 16 years old, and at 15 years ran away 3 times. As we come from Scotland once she turned 16 she became an adult(I dont agree with this law) and after many rows and horrible behaviour calling me a bitch etc every day she used to say if you dont like the way I behave kick me out and one day after her telling me to F--k off in the street as she went to school I blurted out dont come back she didnt but the next day all happy on the phone as me a question for a pregnant friend and I said I think you should be saying something different to me like sorry and slammed the phone down i was so angry with her . She has been away for 5 months now staying with her friends mum initially I kept in contact with this mum but when I said to her that it was wrong to keep her there enough was enough she stopped answering my call .

My daughter did come home for xmas eve got her presents in the morning and then left 3 days later she rang me at night as she was so ill and I nursed for 2 days took time off my work to do so and on new years eve she asked her dad to drive her to her boyfriends on the way back from the hospital and we haven't seen her since she has txt a couple of times . I was really ill with swine flu and she never txt to ask how I was even when she knew. In all of this she left school with no qualifications even though she was an straight A student . The family she is with does not have the same eduactional standards as we had hoped . We tried family mediation till she stormed out and refused to come back. Her own person from mediation she chose rang me and said.

she said she is going to ring you at the end of the month to meet and then with a view to coming home at end of february but I know this is a lie because if she wanted come home she would have by now .I am devastated and have cried everyday she has been away. She has been so nasty and I know reading the book that this is what out of control teenagers are like but I'm struggling with the fact that she doesn't kep in contact and I have not contacted her for 14 days now because all I get is lies and evryone around me says leave her be let her come to you. I guess I just need advice as to know if I'm doing the right thing or how do I get my daughter back in our lives?

My Out-of-Control Daughter

My 15 year old son keeps sneaking out at night...

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My 15 year old son keeps sneaking out at night after we go to bed. He lies and says he has been out running, but he has been caught going to his girlfriends. He has come home with hickies on him. Grounding isn't working. Do you have any advise?

Stepson is a drug user...

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I have a 16 year old stepson who is always asking for $5 because he is a drug user. When my wife tells him no, he becomes very violent with her and begins destroying whatever is in his path. When we try to get him to earn his money he will reject that but my wife still gives in. I fear that he will hurt her because he is on probation for already assaulting her. It doesn't seem to matter to her because she doesn't want to get the police involved in those moments because she doesn't want him arrested. I feel helpless because if I try to stand up for her she takes his side and we get into argument because she blames herself for his behavior because of her previous marriage. I would like opinions on the matter and see if I can get any helpful advice on what I should do as a stepfather. Please keep in mind that we have a 12 year old and a 6 year old who have been subjected to these outbursts.