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Failing two classes...

Okay, so we understand the discipline when they argue and do things they are told not to do and all of that, and we feel your information will be helpful, but what do you do discpline whys when they are failing two of their main classes in school, how do you take privileges for that and for what period of time.

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He is verbally abusive and swears alot...

My 15 year old son lives with me and my 2nd wife. He visits his Mom every other weekend. When he is with her he is verbally abusive and swears alot. He knows that I will not tolerate the swearing at our house. He feels his mom disowned him when he was young (She had a daughter after our divorce with the guy she left me for) and resents his Mom and his half sister. I think I need to set up circumstances telling him that he will lose his cellphone and will not be able to see his friends on my weekend if he uses that type of language or behavior. what do you think ?

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How do you convince your spouse to try this program?

Well we just joined your program so we haven't even read all the way through the information, but the question I have is how do you convince your spouse to try this program? The reason I ask is his patience are at the end. We have a 14 year old that has ADHD, ODD, is bi-polar and has separation anxiety disorder. He is quite a challenge and there are days when we feel like there is NO hope. He is failing 3 of his required classes in school also? Just wanting to know how to get my spouse on the same page and to help him have some patience!

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If I ground my 12 year old boy, he will usually try to earn his way out of it by offering to do jobs around the house and garden. On one hand I welcome this as it is helpful to me to get these jobs done but I wonder if it has the same deterrent effect as grounding. Any views from the professionals or parents on this? Thanks.

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How long do you let your young children talk on the phone when their friends call?

My daughter (she's just in the 5th grade) just got her first phone call from a buddy tonight and she talked on the phone quite awhile. Do you keep it to 10 minutes or so? We both work, and after dinner and baths don't have a lot of family time together, and she sees her friends after school. I think it's great that she has her own special friends, but also want to have time in the evening to read books and work on writing, etc. and to play. :)

Thank you!

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Support from Parents?

Do you think kids should be on their own at 18. Complete financial independance. Start paying rent if they are at home?


Is it the parents responsibility to help their kids get the help they need until they are more able. A place to live, help w/ college etc.

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Do you think MySpace is unsafe?

Do you think MySpace is unsafe? Theres always a parent that tells his kids that if he gets a MySpace that he's gonna get raped or something. Well BS! MySpace is safe, and only complete idiots who post personal stuff and dress like whores shouldn't have a MySpace.

What do you think?

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Not sure what to ask at this point...

My son is 17... a junior... when he started high school he did have a ADD Diagnoses... unfortunately those medications that could have helped, leave him side effects and he cannot us them.. he has had to struggle to keep grades and concentration.. and has been in advasarial roles with teachers due to this.. and he does not find school fun.. when he can't keep up...

Upon starting high school... he was being bullied by some boys (calling gay) and thisturned into a Cyber incident... that the FBI had to step in and have the Facebook site that was put up about my son taken off line... we transferred schools... but kids at the new school knew kids from the old school.. and the bullying continued as verbal and physical harrassment... and after last year we transferred schools again... this has compounded my sons negative attitude toward school... teachers... and other students...

In the middle of this... he sufferred a major siezure and stopped breathing ... had to be revived... and although they ruled out seizure disorder... it left my son very emotionally distraught... depressed and he became agressive.. and was put on Risperdal to help control his outbursts...

We are now at a new school this year... the kids are not bothering him... and he seemed to calm down .. got a small part time job... but is still having trouble motivating himself to study ... he stopped the Risperdal in October because he felt better...

This January he had another episode of passing out... we are having the neurologist recheck him for siezures... and since the middle of january the negative angry behavior is beginning to reappear...

He apparently got into an altercation at school with a teacher... and is on a contract with the principle (was not told of this by the school) and yesterday when he got into it with the teacher she asked him to leave... so he left school two ...hours early... the school called and asked that they be informed when he was leaving....??? so i am going there today to see what the heck is going on...

My son is refusing to go back on the Risperdal which i feel would at least take some of his edge off.. and help him with his increasing anger...

I have physically moved us to another school district to get away from the other problems of bullying... I am at a loss to help my son... make this transition a positive one... I don't know if its the anger at all that has happened or the ADD or both or ????

He does not get into any other trouble.. comes home when asked... has a messy room... but cleans it when asked... is occasionally irreverant... helps out with chores... it's always been about school.. fitting in...doing the work...
never arrested... probably has tried pot and sex... not sure what to ask at this point...

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Waiting for help!

Parents Support One Another @ = Hi – I am very new here. I have a daughter who is 9 years old and is ADHD/ODD - I also have a husband that is Bi-polar. We are just starting this but I have a huge problem right now and need some help. Syd (daughter) has been wanting to sleep in my bed for about two weeks and fighting uncontrollable from the time I get home from work. Her dad works night and leaves at 8:30 - he is off I Sunday-Tuesday - so tomorrow is going to be ruff. I try and do the ignoring - after I answer one time I try and not answer her again but she will go on non stop. She is asleep right now in my bed - we will put her in her bed at 9:00 and it will be I am scared (her room is right off the den = she can see us. When my husband goes to work tom. night she will start fighting me as soon as he walks out the door. So help I need to know how to handle this.

Sorry if this does not make that much sense - if you need to ask a question - I'll try and explain.

Waiting for help!



How do you discipline your children?

How do you discipline your children? Do you do time out? Do you spank? What if it's in public? Then what do you do if they're throwing a screaming fit?

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Bipolar son, meds not working - help? Only happens at school?

My 10 year old son has been diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD by 9 different doctors. He has been in 3 different hospitals for suicide attempts (his dad side of the family has severe mental issues and his dad and his dad's mother have both committed suicide). Had I known this, I would not have married him or had children for fear of that happening to any child we might have. His father has now passed (suicide) and I am remarried and have a newborn. My husband and I have tried several doctors, hospitals all who have tried LOTS of different meds. None seem to work (been going through this for 6 years). Nothing seems to work. He has been kicked out of every school for violent behavior but is as sweet as pie at home. He says he "hates school and people" but has never been diagnosed with a social anxiety (shocking, huh?). Has anyone had issues with a child only in school but not at home? This is every school he has gone to scince preschool. Any advice??

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Scary situation, please help, serious only?

I got pregnant quickly with my boyfriend and several months into my pregnancy, I found that he had googled "child nudists" and things on his google. I also found some questionable porn on his computer. And then I found out that he has a record for exposing himself to a kid outside his old apartment ground floor balcony door, seven years ago, which he said was a mistake, that the kid was wrong. I asked him about the porn thing just recently because I assumed that the porn was maybe an accidental download or something, he downloads lots of things. He told me that he had read a news article online about it and that there was a link to it or something so he watched and said it made him sick. But since our daughter has been born, I have been eaten up with guilt. I feel so stupid for staying. I feel sick to my stomach. I know I should leave, right? But I can't let him have my daughter at all. Would he be able to see her? Could I get full custody? Could his explanations be true?

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Runaway Child?

My daughter is 15 yrs old now and is the second time she ranaway from home.Back in 10-07 she ran away and i found her 5 days latter.On 1-08 she ran away and all her so call friends tell me they have not talk to her which I know that is not true.I have contacted the police and the national center for missing and exploited children.I am scared to death some thing bad is going to happen to her.I pray to god she returns home safe.Can somebody please help me I'm thinking crazy,I just wanna die cause i dont know how to handle it i'm not strong enough all i do is cry.

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