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How should I handle this?

Ok, long story short. My sons father and I are not together and we haven't been together since I was 7 months pregnant and my son is now almost 7 months old.

Last week, we went to court for visitation, custody, and child support. We ended up on agreeing to a graduated visitation schedule (having him come visit Johnny in my home first, then slowly introducing Johnny to his house and eventually spending the night there). However, the child support was an issue we couldn't agree on - and I honestly think he's upset about the amount of support he has to pay.

Visitation time came around on Saturday, dad was a no show. Visitation on Monday, dad was a no show again. Visitation yesterday, dad was a no show.

I have half a mind to call him and ask him if he ever plans on showing up for his visitations... But I'm afraid it will lead into a fight that I just don't want to have. I don't know what to do.

If you were in this situation, how would YOU handle it?

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Middle daughter has taken an intense dislike to him....

Please help. I have a new partner of 10 weeks and my middle daughter, who's 12, has taken an intense dislike to him. My two other daughters like him. He is a good guy and does not want to come between me and my children. He would rather walk away and let me sort things out with my pre-teen, who is now saying she wants to go live with her father, who has had very little involvement in her life so far. How can I encourage my
partner to want to stay and work this out? I don't want to lose him but I obviously don't want to lose my daughter either.

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What are your preferred parenting skills?

How old are your children and what are your house rules? How do you punish them? Generally, how do you bring up your children?

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What would be an appropriate consequence...

What would be an appropriate consequence and disciplinary action for me to implement for the following behavior. I really do want to guide this young man to making good choices.

My 16 year old grandson has been living with me since Sept 2007. Prior to his moving in with me, he has a 4 yr history of running away, drugs, stealing. He did have some behavior issues prior to 2003, but his behavior became out of control when the family broke down and he and his brother were taken by CAS (CPS), He has been in various foster homes and treatment facilities.

He has seemed to be been doing well in school and other areas, but I have noticed an attitude change in the last few weeks.

I am certain that he is using drugs (can smell it and have found smoking paraphernalia). Also, I just discovered some credit cards that belong to a family member in his dresser.

The family member had him over to their house to earn some $ for chores etc. They tell me there is some money missing as well (+- $80.00)

I intend to follow the instructions in the Out of Control Teen workshop for confronting him, return stolen property etc.

Sure do hope someone can help me out with this.



Do you ever feel like you're in a constant parenting battle with your mother?

Does anyone else feel this way? I love my mother to death and appreciate everything she does for me as well as my children. Having said that however, I find myself constantly defending my parental choices to her. She's really quick to "critique" everything I do both as a mom and as a wife. I know that she doesn't mean anything by it and that it's said out of love but I always feel emotionally drained after she leaves.

Does anyone else experience this with their mother or is my mom just "unique"? :)

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My Model-T

What would you do if your son asked to borrow your Model-T to take a girl out ?

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I am already seeing a change...

Mark Hutten, You completely rock!! I am only on Week #1, and I am already seeing a change.

I am so impressed with your web site. I keep finding more and more good, helpful stuff!

Thank you and your staff so much! May God bless you and you help us one child at a time to stop the insanity of out of control kids.


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How can I make my son like me again?

He was very attached to me when he was a baby? nows his attached to his dad, what I want to know is does son usually shys away from from his mom when he gets older.

He wouldn't let me take off his cloth to wash him, he's 5 by the way. Does he have certain anxiety towards me? Is this common amount boys of this age group?

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why is raising teenagers a challenge. i have ONE mom and ONE dad and 7 brothers and two sisters. no adoptions no step or halves. that makes ten of us. im 14 and me and my brothers and sisters are ALL ONE YEAR APART! so my parents are raising like 10 teenagers at one time and they say its a challenge. WHYYYYY? lol

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Moms, Would this upset you? What would you do?

My Mom lied to be about some travel. She favors my sister and her kids over me and my son - even though I am the reliable and stable/supportive one out of my siblings. My son's birthday is Thursday. She lied and made up this story about an emergency and leaving town. She then called a week later to let me know she is in Florida with my sister and her other 2 grandkids at Disney World. What was worse is she made the travel arrangements well in advance, and they have known about it for at least 2 months. All of her co-workers knew, I was the only one she lied to about it. I told her how I felt, now just don't want anything to do with her. To be honest I have nothing nice to say, so I would rather not say it. I'm upset about being lied to and my son's birthday - and think she could have taken them at a better time. What would you do? Advice please?

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Should I hide smoking from my daughter?

I have a 9-year-old son, and now a 6-month-old daughter ...and i think if i smoke in front of her in the future she will want to try it as you think this is true?

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Sneaking a 16 Year Old Boy into her room...

Hello all, I found this site after the last "incident" My 13 Year Old Step Daughter has been sneaking a 16 Year Old Boy into her room while we are at work. I pretty much have her on lockdown whilst I read these materials. Question I had is, I am to the point that when she talks, I want to spit on her for all the lies she has told to my face, how do I forgive this and move on, its been lie after lie and "Ill never do it again I am so sorry" and she does it hours later...

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