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My Model-T

What would you do if your son asked to borrow your Model-T to take a girl out ?

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Anonymous said...

Is he a responsible kid? Do you trust him? Is he worth more to you than the car? Is the car safe? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then yes!

Though I wouldn't think a Model-T would really be a vehicle you would drive on the road. Kind of dangerous, not to mention can it even get up to the speed limit? I'm just saying, usually people who own Model-T's don't keep them to drive around. They are on display, a collectible.

So now that I've said that, I'd say no, as I don't think the answer to that last question could possible be a yes. Are there even seatbelts? I know there can't be airbags.

Hmm, now that I've said all that I have to ask... is this a serious question? I admit, I initially read the question as asking about a "T-Bird" not a "Model-T".

Anonymous said...

Omg, i think i'd have to say no. I couldn't handle the stress wondering if something would happen to it. Mind you though, he is 28, a little older now and (hopefully) more mature! I guess it will only come down to your judgement whether you think he is responsible enough or not and god forbid if anything did happen, he will have to be soley responsible i would say, as it would be the case if he was using his own car.