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How can I make my son like me again?

He was very attached to me when he was a baby? nows his attached to his dad, what I want to know is does son usually shys away from from his mom when he gets older.

He wouldn't let me take off his cloth to wash him, he's 5 by the way. Does he have certain anxiety towards me? Is this common amount boys of this age group?

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Anonymous said...

All young boys go through that faze. I did and I am sure almost every other child does. He is identifying with his father. This is good by watching his father and trying to be more like him he will kinda pick up characteristics of what type of man he will be. Don't get to upset he will come back around to you. There is something about a boy and his mother and a girl and her father that creates a strong bond. At this time he is wanting more of a male role model. Just be there for him and show him love and everything will be fine. =)

Anonymous said...

Its not unusal at this age for them to start wanting some privacy with baths ect. And maybe he is relating to his Dad more because being a boy attracts him. Some day soon , the teen years, he may not like either one of you. Right now, I would say its normal

Anonymous said...

He will. Don't try too hard and be thankful your son has a dad that is a helpful partner! You are blessed!