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Son is using marijuana... =

I need help with the following issue:

We have discovered that our 18 yr old son is using marijuana. Right now he is sullen and uncommunicative with us. We are trying to determine the extent of his use. Do you have any advice on how we should go about trying to talk to him about this? Worried Mom and Dad

Mother is allowing the kids to get high...

I need help with the following issue:

I am fairly certain that my son has been going over a friend's house where the mother is allowing the kids to get high- and possibly smoking with them.

I told him he wasn't allowed over there but I am sure he will sneak over there. He is in drug counseling and is on probation for running away. I believe he is smoking K2 so it doesn't show up on his drug tests.

I know he is going to smoke regardless if he goes there but I really don't think ignoring this situation is best. Should I confront the mother and tell her that my son is not allowed there? Any other suggestions?

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I got into yelling matches with my daughter...

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To user 471: You are only human I got into yelling matches with my daughter and my friend said she got to the point where one day her and her daughter were pulling each others hair its not what we want as mother but they push and push to our absolute limit. my daughter said that's why she left but after 6 moths of her away I know now that wasn't it because its been something different every time she changes the excuses all the time she just wants to do what she wants and they really don't care how it affects you teenagers are really selfish you are not alone.

Daughter lied about where she was...

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I need help with the following issue:

My 15 yr old daughter lied about where she was last Saturday night. She said she was at a friends house with a group watching movies. I asked for the land line number, as she was spending the night there,(the 2nd night in a row)and later found out she gave me a friends cell number instead. I tried repeatedly to call and text her and she did not answer. Eventually I called the number she gave me and her friend said she was asleep. An hour later she called and said she was fine and asleep, why was i bugging her? The next day she confessed, after threatening to call parents of the house she said she was at, that she and her friends spent the night at a boys house. Said there were parents home, no drugs or alcohol, but would not give me any further info to confirm her story. I took her phone away, banned her from sleepovers,and grounded her for a week. Does the consequences fit the punishment? What straight forward behaviors can she do to earn her privligles back?