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Son has been expelled from school...

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I need help with the following issue: My son is 16, he's been expelled from school for bringing a knife to school. He showed it in the parking lot and someone reported him. We were just one month in the school year and he was being successful with his classes. It is the social aspect of everything that causes him trouble. He has this suspicious mind, so sure people think he's a fighter, when he hasn't fought ever. But for some reason he allows people to think he is. Now he cannot go to any school in our district except alternative home schooling, but is not motivated or structured enough to be able to do that on his own. He is working as a cook at BP's, but the hours are very scattered and he needs to be way more structured. He has the good life all day at home or is free to go where he pleases. We try to keep him busy, but does not like to take orders from us. I've just started the program with Mark so!

I pray that my husband and I can learn and help our son to succeed. He is so worth it.

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Son has Aspergers & ADHD

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My 15 year old son has Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD. He would like to play video games to the exclusion of all other activities. When we attempt to limit his video game time, he reacts violently. He has even threatened suicide over the issues and was taken to the hospital two times as a result.

He is receiving behavioral therapy, but his arguing and violent outbursts control our household.

Do you have any suggestions on how to tie chores to his video game time privilege that will not result in his spinning out of control?

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What can I do with problem teen behaviour in class?

I have an EFL class of teenagers and recently three have started misbehaving despite warnings of contacting their parents. These three are friends and when I have them on their own they are ok. When they are together it's a problem for everyone in the class.They constantly interrupt the flow either by talking, not doing the activities and throwing rubbers. Any suggestions?

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He basically changes his personality...

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Hi All, just started on the programme, Monday will be Day One! My son's problems seem to be all school based, generally showing off, being the class comedian and being abusive to his teachers. He is dyslexic and will just not do any work. He is very intelligent and manages to get his grades even though he does nothing. One issue that is very noticable with him, one to one he is great. Introduce another child or adult and he basically changes his personality to being abusive, impudent and forgets all the rules, anything goes when he is with his friends. I've tried to find information on why he does this, can anyone help me understand why he changes?

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My son is acting out in violence it because i have been a bad parent?

Today he tried to strangle his 3 year old sister. He is 7 he is very angry yells a lot and screams when I try to help him. He stabbed a kid in the arm with a pencil at school. I have had my kids taken from me once before and all of them put into foster care because of this problem they thought I was beating him so they took them away and gave them back after they put him on A.d.h.d medicine but he is still angry I have taken him to counselors he won't talk to them. Is he this way because of me? What should i do about this?

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My son won't get up in the morning for school....

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My son won't get up in the morning for school. Today he got in at 11.15 and it should have started at 8. I take him a cup of tea and go back every 4 minutes but he just lies there and tells me to 'stop it'. Today I took away his guitar and that seemed to get him out of bed. Any suggestions? Thanks. Tim.

Re: How to help her understand that this is her new life and she should start getting on with it...

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We recently moved away from our home in Canada (where my 15 year old daughter has spent her entire life) to a new home in Europe. It's an exciting opportunity for our family that is being ruined by our daughter's bad attitude. We also have a 16 year old daughter who's making the most of the opportunity.

10 months ago our 15 year old started hanging out with a bad crowd, and 'fell in love' with a poor choice of boyfriend (run-ins with the police, bad home situation, school drop out...)

we felt this move would be a chance for her to 're-set' and to move on to more exciting things but our daughter is SO angry at us. Her attitude is terrible, she swears and won't get involved in any of our activities. I'm sure she's not doing great in school but won't ask for extra help.

Her strongest desire at this point is to be sent home to finish school there but I don't want her to go back - I think it would be a recipe for disaster!

I'm looking for any and all advice re: how to help her understand that this is her new life and she should start getting on with it.

Many thanks,

She is quite rebellious...

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Hi i have a 17 yr old grandaughter who has been living in Sweden for the last 5 yrs, and who now is living at home with me, she is quite rebellious and has a few issues which she needs to get sorted out and at the minute is attending counselling once a week. It is very difficult to get her to open up and at the minute she is staying away with not so nice friends at the weekend so i am quite worried about her safety at the minute. I would appreciate some advice on this. I have read the e.and iam now tring to put some of the suggestions into place starting from last night. Thank you any help would be appreciated ...Joyce.

Out of control teen-aged daughter...

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I'm a divorced Mom of an out of control teen-aged daughter. She's always been a strong-willed kid and for the first two years after the divorce, living with her was a nightmare, as she blamed me for the divorce, etc. Given x-husband lives in the same community, daughter has played us to her advantage.

She is extremely manipulative and threatening in getting her way. We have joint custody and visitation is 50/50. However, she lived with me 8.5 months of this year, given an argument with her Dad in January. Last month, she became verbally abusive and physicially threatened me when I said NO to something she wanted to do. She called her Dad, and she has been with him since.

Her Dad is the parent with less control and lets her do what she wants, where I am more inclined to keep after her and check on her whereabouts. I also work in my home and am here for her. She feels she needs "space" from me for a while, where I feel it is because she doesn't have rules at her Dad's. She refuses to live by my rules and disrespects me and my home.

I also know of many things this year that she has done which I do not approve of (drinking, smoking, trying pot and I believe, even sex). Most of these things are by her own admission. Her Dad is aware as I have told him, however, he still gives her more reign than I do.

Her Dad informed me this week that he is going away for a week later this month. By divorce decree, the other parent is to be made aware and is the first to watch the child, should the other parent be away. Well, she is refusing to stay here and has left 3 threatening voicemails to me. She is threatening to make my life a living hell and even talks of killing herself if she has to stay here.

I'm of the opinion that as her parent and guardian, she should stay here while her Dad is away or else he shouldn't go anywhere. I'm also convinced she will make my life a living hell, and want to know what rights the parents' have when a child becomes both verbally and physically abusive to the parent? I don't feel she should be given a choice in this matter, and honestly, if she cannot stay here for a week when her Dad is gone, then I feel she has some very serious issues.

I think my son still smokes a bit of pot...

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I think my son still smokes a bit of pot, nothing like before, but he has been losing about 37 pounds in the last month, suffering anxiety attacks, back pain, etc. Ultra sound shows nothing, xray of back shows nothing, what should I be looking for?

Daughter that does not want to get up in the morning...

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I have a 14 year old daughter that does not want to get up in the morning (I know everyone else has the same issue), she is doing not well in school, has no interest in cleaning her room or helping when asked and is skipping and the biggest issues she seems to have is that she apparently misses her father (who has been gone for nearly 6 years and is remarried and pays no support or contacts her, but plays the hero at Christmas and Birthdays. Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated while I am starting the program and on page 22 of the ebook!

Have a great day!

He is escaping responsibilities and doing as he pleases...

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My teenage boy has 'moved in ' with a neighbor friend two years older than himself, whose Grandmother, who is rarely at home, disrespects me, mother. She will not recommend that it is time for my son to go home. He is escaping responsibilities and doing as he pleases, supported by the Grandmother and indirectly , his father, who approves the temporary arrangement.

He is constantly lying...

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I need help with the following issue: I have the 7 year old that we are adopting. He is constantly lying. The school called me a while ago and told me the he got caught stealing from another student and for lying. I am at my wits end with him. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what to do. This isn't the first time this has happened.