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He doesn't come home when he is told...

I have a 17 year old who will just get up and walk out the door...and say i'm going be back when i get back..what do i do?! when i give him a little he will take it all.. he doesn't come home when he is told...will stay out longer then I told him too... what do I do?

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Do you think single parents should date?

I'm just curious because my marriage and family course had a discussion about this issue. A lot of people believed single parents shouldn't. However, in my personal opinion I believe they should as long as they can balance out their time.

HELP! I think my THIRTEEN YEAR OLD son might be DOING DRUGS!?

I think my son might be doing drugs; he goes into the bathroom and is in there for like an hour (sometimes even two) and when he walks out he looks all...happy and weird. And there is weird noises coming from in there. I'm scared he might be smoking something or doing drugs in there. OH MY GOD WHAT IF HE IS SELLING DRUGS TO HIS CLASSMATES? WHAT SHOULD I DO? SHOULD I CALL THE SCHOOL COUNSELOR? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO?

I have a 16 year old foster child (girl) who tattles a lot on other children. What should I do?

I have a 16 year old girl that tattles on everything that my biological girls do. For instance: My oldest daughter wiped off the counter tops and dropped food on the floor and didn't pick it up, The Foster child came to me and told me. The things she tells me isnt hurting or doing any kind of harm, she just tattles a lot. And my teenagers are not liking her because of it. I have 15 and 16 girls. They distance their selves from her because they cannot trust her at all. It really upsets them that she runs and tells on them for everything. What/How should I tell her NOT to tell me everything they do?

My ex is teaching my kid how to cuss and hit?

My exget my 2.5 yr old every other weekend and every other wed and tuesday. He is a real jerk by nature and a police officer who think he is invincible. Well he is teach landon how to flick the bird. today he flicked the bird and said look what daddy showed me. He also cusses and hits like he is fighting...another trait his father is demonstrating. What can I do if anything to my ex or to help discipline my child. When I go to spank him he just laughs... im obviously not spanking him hard enough but this is just reinforcing the hitting behaviour. Any ideas? anything the court can do about him promoting this behaviour? He used to have supervised custody but doesnt anymore.

I have tried time outs...taking toys away however nothing works. I am as sweet as I can be about rasising this child I am his mother... I have only attempted spanking numerous times. He does not respond to any kind of discipline. As far as raising a piece of garbage anyone who judges that fast without knowing is in fact the garbage man.

Wait till you have a child and you have to discipline him. Thanks everyone for the sincere answers.

His father is using the child like in most separations as a pawn...teaching him bad things on purpose. trying to make it as hard as possible on me. honestly is there any legal action that can be done? how would I prove these things?

Our daughter got Adderall from a friend...

Our daughter got Adderall from a friend last Wednesday, took 3 of them and sold another one to a friend. We found out on Friday. She is going to be charged, and the school suspended her and will place her out of the school. She really seems to be unaffected emotionally by this. She isn't sad or upset. She has lost all privileges, no phone, computer, TV or leaving the house. I just don't get why she seems so relaxed about it.

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Did I give bad parenting advise?

Did I give bad parenting advise? My daughter has a friend. They are close or anything, but her mom and I are both single moms. The difference is that I love being a single mom and my daughter is well behaved. Her kid acts out like a toddler would. Our daughters are both 8 years old. Today they were over and her daughter made a HUGE scene when it was time to leave. The mom called later on to apologize for her daughters behavior. She seemed to be looking for answers, so I told her that my daughter has acted up and that I have to turn off my emotions sometimes and be strict and even mean. I told her that I don't tolerate disrespect and that I have even thrown out Christmas gifts and taken the door off her room for slamming it. I gave examples of harsh things I have done. She said that 'she could never do that'. And I felt like a bully and felt bad for sharing. My daughter and I have a good relationship and play games and joke around, but now I feel bad for sharing how strict I have been when she is disrespectful.

I just don't know where to start...

Parents Support One Another @ = I just don't know where to start!! I am feeling guilty because maybe I have too high of expectations. Do all teenager act mentally retarded or is itjust mine? He intentionally sneaks food and hides wrappers, which affects his blood sugar. I am afraid to take him in for his A1C!!


Any ideas...

I have a 14 year old son with Asperger's Syndrome and need some advice on what to tell his English teacher. He doesn't understand the difference between Make-Believe and Lies when it comes to writing about something Real. The teacher tells him that he just has to make something up when he doesn't know what to write about. This DOES NOT WORK and I don't know what to tell this teacher. She told me that the school does not teach the teachers how to teach a child with AS or Autism or any other disorder/disability – that is the special ed teacher’s job. And I suppose if the teachers are not made to do something, they don't care and won't initiate teaching themselves. Can you tell how frustrated I am? My son says this teacher tells him to lie and he won’t do that. Of course, this is not exactly what she is saying but this is what he hears and this teacher just will not understand this. Any ideas?

Does this sound intrusive?

Does this sound intrusive? I have a son in 10th grade. He has an assignment where he needs to write 5 paragraphs on why he feels like his parents are good role models. I don't consider myself a bad role model. It just surprised that a teacher would ask students for assignment like this. It sounds like she wants to know what goes on in her students homes. Sort of like a nosy body. Do you think it seems to intrusive? Just curious.

He is totally direspectful...

Parents Support One Another @ = hi i have a son who is 17 and a half. He is totally direspectful in words and deeds. He uses foul language when he cant get his own way. his room is like a rubbish tip. refuses to work or go to college to get an education . By the way he has been excluded from previous schools and cant be bothered to fininsh any studies. He says it is boring and cant be bothered. He spends most of his time spitting and writting bars and chatting on the phone. He has had trouble with the law and has been on a supervision order which he he has just completed.Either he goes to bed learly hours of the morning or he is over sleeping. he does not do anything in the house aprt from damaging property making a mess. We never know waht mood he is going to be in as he has constant mood swings. He only seems happy when we dont onfront him. Even when he does do something like washing his clothes the whole house is in a big mess. Punis! hments does not work for him. I know that he does smoke maruana, but i am not sure if he is taking anything else. The frustrating thing about this is he is talentented in both music and sport, but he just cant be bothered to get up and get involved. Probably by the time you get this letter he would probaly be in prison because he has just assaulted a youth or i would have kicked him out. I can not take anymore. I do not believe that this is just normal teenage behaviour or rebellion.

The major problem is the divorce...

My granddaughter has been in counseling for the past 3 years. It appears that the major problem is the divorce of her mother and father. Her father never lived up to promises he made and my daughter was a permissive parent and lax disciplinarian. The therapists are saying that she is depressed and has anxiety issues. I went to CT the first week of December and stayed with my granddaughter a week when her mother had to go out of town. I arrived back home on Sat. night. During the night Sunday night my granddaughter smoked pot laced with PCP and cocaine. She then did jailhouse tattoos on 9 places on her body. She decided to try to remove them with a razor. My daughter took my granddaughter to the hospital and because her dad has her insurance and CT was out of network my granddaughter was placed in a drug and alcohol facility in Baltimore. What a hellhole! We have learned that in the past my granddaughter has tried to "numb out" by drinking!, smoking pot and taking Valium. She is coming up onto the last 28 days in this facility. It stresses the 12-step program and that is about all. Since Dec 14th she has had 3 counseling sessions with her advisor and one session with a psychiatrist. Her original therapist in CT suggested a "therapeutic boarding school" I believe because neither home situation is very nurturing. My husband and I have suggested that she live with us and have intensive therapy and go to a private school here in our city. This option is one I not would relish because of my work travel situation BUT we would do anything for my granddaughter.
I appreciate your help and information on these schools Family Foundation School and Bromley Brook because really do not know where else to turn. Having done an Internet search for allegations against therapeutic boarding schools has given me nightmares. Please give us some guidance?

4 fights already...

My teen has been in 4 fights this school year what can i do to get to the bottom of this?

Can't get his priorities straight...

How do I get my 17 yr old son to act responsibly ?? He probably won't finish high school. Can't get his priorities straight. He just thinks of short term rewards ....