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HELP! I think my THIRTEEN YEAR OLD son might be DOING DRUGS!?

I think my son might be doing drugs; he goes into the bathroom and is in there for like an hour (sometimes even two) and when he walks out he looks all...happy and weird. And there is weird noises coming from in there. I'm scared he might be smoking something or doing drugs in there. OH MY GOD WHAT IF HE IS SELLING DRUGS TO HIS CLASSMATES? WHAT SHOULD I DO? SHOULD I CALL THE SCHOOL COUNSELOR? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO?


Anonymous said...

well first of all does it smell like drugs in your bathroom... you know he is 13... he might be going in there to do what all 13 year olds start to do then... if you know what i mean... my little brother used to spend hours in the bathroom

Anonymous said...

Unless the bathroom smells like drugs, then he is not smoking anything.

$10 says he is masturbating.

EDIT: Btw, no kid is stupid enough to do drugs in the house while their parents are home. If they do, it means they don't care anymore...and they are snorting or injecting, not smoking.

Anonymous said...

Its your house - you pay the bills, burst into the bathroom for yourself and find out what he's doing. Since when do teenagers/kids inherit privacy? When I was growing up if it was something you could not do in front of your parents you had better not do it in the their home. This is why we have kids out there who are able to make in bombs at home to take to school and hurt peoples kids. You want to know what he's doing in YOUR house? Open the door and find out.

Anonymous said...

Stay calm. I've gone through the same thing. Look for other indicators. He is suddenly offended when you clean his room. Does he have new friends. Keep in touch with the parents of his friends or at least know who they are. Teachers sometimes can give clues at parent teacher night.

Aim to go after the supplier rather than your son. It is helpful to find out where he gets it.

Last resort the doctor appointment with a pee test.

If it comes up dirty and does not confess he needs more help.

Your involvement may also cause the supplier to disassociate with your son on his own.

To make yourself involved may solve the problem if their was a problem. Record the names number address of all his friends as well as vehicles make model and plate. Descriptions of pictures of him and his buddies may come in handy if not used also as memories. This kind of involvement by a parent usually persuade a teen they have triggered your caution flags. They will back down.

If your attempts are swift you may avoid a lot of future problems.

When I called school to find the name and address of one of the new friends my son would not give me. That was the last time he went to this boys house. The boy never came to ours . Proceed with caution trying to resolve it with out involving police. I have seen so many kids go to prison. Wreck their lives. So many commit suicide. He is your biggest investment protect him.

Anonymous said...

I literally cried I was laughing so hard while reading.

He is just 'doing his thing' in there. It's just so absurd that you know nothing about your son or teen males in general.

Just tell him that he has been taking too long in there.

If you are still worried, go to the pharmacy and buy a pee test. Tell him that you trust him but not all the other kids. This is a good time to have 'the talk' too. Also, when he's not home, check under his bed or mattress and on his computer. I'm sure you'll find the porn he's looking at.