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Does this sound intrusive?

Does this sound intrusive? I have a son in 10th grade. He has an assignment where he needs to write 5 paragraphs on why he feels like his parents are good role models. I don't consider myself a bad role model. It just surprised that a teacher would ask students for assignment like this. It sounds like she wants to know what goes on in her students homes. Sort of like a nosy body. Do you think it seems to intrusive? Just curious.


Anonymous said...

It is always easy to list the negatives about a relationship, especially in a family, because masks are off. This assignment will challenge your son to look at what you are doing right and get him to think about what he will take with him into his own adult life. Remember that you are seeing just the written assignment. You might want to ask the teacher and your son how much discussion has happened in class around role models in general. I don't think the question is intrusive at all.

Anonymous said...

i think that by asking for this assignment the teacher is having the kids sit down and write this, which gets them thinking real hard about the question and when they think of it, they will realize what good you have done for him and he will become more appreciative b/c while thinking of things to write he will think of good things you have done that he has never thought of before.

Anonymous said...

i think it could be a little intrusive but i also think she just wants something that is informative and that is also a way to do something with your son. hope i was some help.

also i would discuss the assignment with his teacher to resolve your concerns.