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Is anybody else as concerned as I am about childhood obesity?

Is anybody else as concerned as I am about childhood obesity? I had a client in the office today and her poor daughter and son were the ages 7 and 9...both extremely overweight...I almost feel its a form of child abuse...

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Why do teens think their grown?

Why do teens think their grown? ...especially girls boys mistake those girls for easy since they try to act so grown for their age?

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How do you entertain EXTREMELY hyper kids????

I have to watch my cousins for a few days. How do you entertain kids???? My cousins are EXTREMELY rambunctious and hyper! They will NOT shut up! They don't really like movies, so that won't work. Can you tell me ideas to entertain that won't make me lose ALL my energy????!! Please help me!

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The bad behaviour is just wearing me down...

The bad behaviour is just wearing me down. I feel as if I've lost control. I've just got Mark's book this week so I'm hopeful that things will improve.

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He has no motivation...

We are about ready to send our son away to military school. He has no motivation to do well at school, constantly argues with us & his sister, tells us to shut up all the time, and has no respect for anyone else. We are at our wits end.

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My anxiety level is over the top...

Im so glad to find this site. My anxiety level is over the top. I have a beautiful 17 year old honor student, great job, a boyfriend who worships her, but has no respect for me...she has drug me across the floor by my hair, and has never forgiven me for not giving her the attention she deserved as a young child. This weekend I called a police officer to the restaurant where the kids and parents were celebrating our powerlifting team placing first in the state...her boyfriend won 3rd individually... but she had thrown a mad fit in the car and wound up hitting or as she says pushing me...

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Ear piercings for children you think its wrong or cute?

My 2 year old got her ears done at 3 months was hard to find somewhere that would do it but i did.. and she screamed ...i felt soo bad..

Do you think it was wrong? Do you think i should of waited till she was older to choose?

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Is it any of my business to tell?

This weekend is the beginning of my spring break for high school and a couple of my girl friends want to have a surprise party for another friend. There will be drinking of a total of maybe 6 girls (range of age 17-18) with the parent of the household knowing. Personally, I'm not a drinker, I am actually going to wait until I'm 21 or older to begin drinking. I will be the only sober teenager there but I don't know how to explain this to my parents. Also, I don't know if I should. Since I'm not drinking and my friends are, is it any of my business to tell? The other girls spending the night parents don't know and I'd rather not be the 'tattle' in the group. I have a good trust foundation with both of my parents and I'd really like to keep it that way. Please, parents of teenagers only, how would you like your child to come about this situation?

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What do I trade off?

I have recieved 5 telephone calls in the past two weeks from school about my child. Today, they called to tell me that he has been expelled for a day. The principal and a school psychologist are pressuring me to put him on medication, but in my experience he has not functioned well on it. He has been on Ritalin- he got violent; Adderall- No one could see any difference in his behavior; and Concerta- he was more attentive but became more aggressive and angry. What do I trade off? Do I give my child medication that will help his grades and in return have a child who is angry and beligerant? Of course, his doctor has diagnosed him ODD. He does have a problem with authority figures. I am hoping that this program will help. Any suggestions to help my son in school without medicating him?

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My 11 year old son school problems?

My 11 year old son got suspended from school for 2 days. what should i do should i ground him. he pushed a classmate that cut in line, then the classmate pushed him back, then my son pushed and kick him and the kid fell down.

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What are some resources or groups that focus only on domestic adoptive families?

What are some resources or groups that focus only on domestic adoptive families? I am an adoptive parent and would like to find resources for families who HAVE adopted domestically. So much of what is out there focuses on international adoption and does not fit the need so to speak. Also, I am not posting this in ADOPTION because alot of people over there can be snotty and vicious.

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Is physical punishment for kids becoming a thing in the past?

Is physical punishment for kids becoming a thing in the past? What happened to "old school"? As a little brat, my dad or mom took a swipe at me upside the head whenever i acted up in a fancy restaurant. Today I see parents letting their kids get away with anything and everything.

He has no choice...

What's your view if your 8 yr old child says that he has no choice but to be bad and uncaring in order to have a better life?