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My anxiety level is over the top...

Im so glad to find this site. My anxiety level is over the top. I have a beautiful 17 year old honor student, great job, a boyfriend who worships her, but has no respect for me...she has drug me across the floor by my hair, and has never forgiven me for not giving her the attention she deserved as a young child. This weekend I called a police officer to the restaurant where the kids and parents were celebrating our powerlifting team placing first in the state...her boyfriend won 3rd individually... but she had thrown a mad fit in the car and wound up hitting or as she says pushing me...

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Anonymous said...

Children hitting mothers is a type of violence that has largely been ignored in research on
violence against women. It is sometimes mentioned in clinical studies of battered women
within the conceptual framework of a son following the battering example of the father. This
pattern might also apply to children in the general population because many of them also
have the example of a father who physically assaults their mother (Gelles and Straus, 1988;
Straus, Gelles, and Steinmetz, 1980). Consistent with that hypothesis, a study of a general
popuIation sample by Cornell and Gelles (1982) found that sons were more likely to hit
mothers who were victims of partner violence.

Anonymous said...

Adolescent violence towards parents is one of the taboo topics of modern culture because of the complexities of the relationship. The victim is responsible for the aggressor - in an emotional, financial, material sense.

Society does not encourage the parent to abandon the relationship with the child but continuing that relationship can threaten the parent, the family structure, and other siblings.