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Is physical punishment for kids becoming a thing in the past?

Is physical punishment for kids becoming a thing in the past? What happened to "old school"? As a little brat, my dad or mom took a swipe at me upside the head whenever i acted up in a fancy restaurant. Today I see parents letting their kids get away with anything and everything.


Anonymous said...

This is a tough issue for me. I only believe in smacking them if they do something seriously wrong, or something that puts them in physical danger. A swat from my hand is far less pain/danger than falling down the stairs because they thought they should climb over the baby gate.

However, I don't believe that children should be allowed to pitch fits in stores either. I think it's the parents responsibility to either remove the child from the situation and come back later, or get their child to quit screaming. Of course, as long as they stand their ground and don't let the child have whatever they were screaming for I'm impressed. I just don't see that happen very often. =/

Anonymous said...

Its not right at all for any "mom/dad" to hit their child upside their head..for one their brain is still growing and that can in itself cause head trauma in children...I believe in "spanking" not hard..but only when they violate a "safety rule"...That could kill them out in the street to "oncoming traffic", Stealing from another, Talking/getting up close to "strangers", they dont even know...) I could never hit my boys "upside the head"..My friend "flicks and slaps " her son upside his head and her daughter...its horrid..she did it in the store w/ me standing right there..I told her that someone could "turn her in"...I also gave her a suggestion to talk to him at home more and give him more "positive" attention that he so desperately deserves..and forewarn him about going out to "public places" beforehand..that he is to be on "his best behavior., Also if shes goin to "punish him" spank him at home, not in a public place..for she could be turned in instantly for that..See heres the main "stem off" to this question..Are parents actually really "getting to know their children"?
Its a reality that most parents(both work), and are worn out after jobs..and stress of jobs and everyday well..So are the parents really giving their children the attention that they need?...its hard, I know it is , especially if anyone has more than one raise..Im talking about those who send their children to daycare and school...and expecting the daycare to "literally raise children"and be the main ones to teach "morality, manners, respect toward their parents and adults period.and to eachother..."...Its tough in this day and age..So much expected of the parent...and ontop of that the parent/or parents have to keep finances afloat to be able to afford everything of neccesity, and beyond..Cost of inflation..and some having to work more, than one job..Its very rough on children also...Its not only "peer pressure" , its also the fact that the whole entire world out there these days, expects children to "learn fast"..and the "pressure" of learning "fast" has risen since Ive been to school..When I was in college..I had to go to a Pre-K class and observe and write a report of what I observed in that class..I was appauled when I saw that the teacher was trying to get the kids in a Pre-K class memorize astronauts names, and history couldnt even do that now..All the children looked "stressed out"....I just feel that learning should be lots of fun for kids..It uplifts them and also in return builds their "self-esteem"...I had a second grade teacher literally shake me and bang my head up against the wall , because she felt that I had "talked" during class, when it was the dude behind me...;( did I have a headache for a few days..She was finially fired..but does everyone know how hard it is to get someone like that whos that abusive outta there?...alot of complaints...and it took two years to get rid of that b****!!..I dont want my boys to go through that kind of abuse..never..I want them to have the "desire w/in them" to learn..and be happy growing up..lots of fun and learning to be full fledged adults and to make decisions for themselves., high self-esteem and high morals...I could go on and on about all this...Im a mom of three boys, and I love them and dont know where Id be today if it wasnt for them...You all TC/God Bless;)