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My daughter is out of control...

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I need help with the following issue: my daughter is out of control. she is 16 yrs. old going on 21. she runs away, she is sleeping around with older men. she is just uncontrollable. I need someones help.

Teen who is making bad choices...

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I need help with the following issue:

I am wondering what you think about allowing a teen (15) who is making bad choices (sex, drugs, etc.) to just make them or put in obstacles so they CANNOT make the choice again. I have an alarm on my home. My daughter climbed out of our cat door, through the garage and out the side garage door that the alarm in not connected to. Aside from other consequences, in response to this, I bought a bolt lock with a key on both sides so she cannot get out the door. This is my MO...when she makes a bad choice, I put obstacles in her way so she cannot do it again instead of allowing her to use her own self will to make the right choice. I feel these choices are dangerous and I should intervene but how is she going to learn to make the right choices on her own?

Daughter took friend's car and is still gone...

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I previously wrote in the chat box, but now I see I can get feedback here and I do need it. My daughter, 17, non-driver, not licensed, took a friend's car today and is still gone. I feel terrible. The friend is a Marine that just got back from the field, only to find his new vehicle gone. He doesn't want to press charges. The sheriff said all I can do is report her a runaway. I want her safe, I pray she is safe; doesn't have an accident and doesn't wreck this nice young man's vehicle. He had loaned the car to a common friend who gave my daughter the keys earlier today. What a mess! I have been so grateful for this parenting program, and still I am exhausted-- a single mom, two part-time jobs... but you know my daughter is out of control, surely, and yet I am so hopeful, just don't see the end of the tunnel it ahead somewhere...? I am real glad I am in the part of the E-book about letting go, and forgiving... Sorry this is so long, but it is very cleansing writing, and knowing there are others out there dealing with similar difficulties. Thank you for being there...This is painful. I sure hope my daughter and the car are okay. And I will not give up.