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I am ignoring her in my room, but she follows me around and won't give me space...

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Here is a typical day in our house which consists of my 14 yr old daughter and myself. She wakes up at 7 to get ready for school (she does this on her own so I give her praise) but she wakes up angery so she will not speak to me and tells me to shut up and not talk to her. We ready for the day yet she sneaks my cell phone (she has used up all of her minutes on hers) and starts calling friends. When I ask who because I hear plans being made, she says its none of my business. Although I give her a ride to school she walks out the door early saying she is getting a ride with someone else but wont tell me who. After some time she says its her friends mom. I see that it is a parent and ok it - now late for leaving myself. She texts me all day at work saying how bored she is. I receive a phone call that she has been in a verbal arguement with another girl and will have In School Suspension the next morning so she needs to be in early. She has also been dress coded for weraing thin strapped tank top (took off sweat shirt she wore over it). At 4 she misses the bus to my work where she is supposed to come each day in order to get a ride home (she attends school in another district then where we live so she does not bus home). SHe calls for me to leave work to pick here up - I make her walk but this takes 45 min more than it should due to hanging out with friends. She gets to my work and starts argueing with me in front of my boss. She demands my attention even though I am at work (but we live in a big city - and I really dont have any other options for her after school). We leave to go home and she demands to be taken to the store. I refuse, the pestering begins along with her begging for use of my cell phone. Once at home she gets on computer and it is another arguement for me to have some time on it. She steals my phone when I am one the computer. She claims not to have homework - I go through her stuff to find out but she writes nothing down in class. If I say anything about feeling that she must have some studying she accuses me of not beliving in her. (she is very smart, 135 IQ her test showd and gets A's with little effort - but this has made her lazy and thinks she does not have to work at it so ends up getting F's for missing work). When I find the cell gone, I get it and she speands the next 30 minutes saying "Why? Why? Why?" over and over getting louder all along. I am ignoring her in my room, but she follows me around and won't give me space. She will crank up music and do anything to annoy me as I am trying to fall asleep. Finally she winds down around 11. This is after coming in my bedroom and waking me at least 4 or 5 times for nonsense. Throughout all of this through the day are uncontrolled cursing, and telling me she hates me. I wake up each morning hoping for a better day. Arrgh!

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Son left the house without permission...

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I have just purchased the book and am beginning to read it. The final straw came when my son left the house without permission and did not come home. He contacted us to "check in" but has decided he will stay gone as long as he wants. My question is: I am very ready to move forward and get him and us help. Should this "running away" episode be punished or should I put it in my "deal with it later" file and begin the program?

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My daughter is not following rules...

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My daughter is not following rules, acts lazy, angry, won't listen. Acts as though the only important thing is her t.v. and games. If i take privledges away, she runs to her room and locks the door. she treats me like I'm the problem. she trys acting like she's underprivledged and I should ignore her rebellion, and not following the house rules. She is always wanting more and more and doesn't help out. I'ts frustrating

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13 yr old ODD daughter...

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I need help with the following issue: Hi. I am new. I have a 13 yr old ODD daughter who has been difficult since three. I am a single Mom and she has really frazzled me. I have always tried to remain calm and not let her get to me, but it happened and we have had our share of crappy times - I have even had to call the police on her (at age 12!) when she threatened me with a knife a few days before Christmas. So, now I am really working at staying calm and she is trying everthing in her book to piss me off: insistent pestering, threats of destroying stuff, name calling or mean teasing, screaming, ranting, and telling me to shut th F*** up.

I see a little improvement today but I feel drained most of the time. I have no friends or family around us, no break. But I am working at this and have hope. My question today is how best to deal with the fowl language and name calling to be mean to me?

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What do you do when you have a problem child in a church youth group?

We have a person at our church that interrupts, yells outs, insults, acts "emo", and is very attention seeking. We've tried to help her out, but she just seems to act the same, to get more attention. She even went as far as to make a suicide threat at church. She has ended up driving people away from our youth group.

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I need help...

I need help with the following issue: I have a 15 and 16 year old, both boys. My 16 year old has speech apraxia with a processing disorder and my 15 year old has cerebral palsy, very mild, but muscle tone and gait issues. I divorced their father when they were 8 and 9. Their father is a psychiatrist who has basically given up on our 16 year old. My 16 year old was caught for theft in school this past year. I was mortified of course when the school called me in and I made him empty his wallet, which was about 3 times the amount of the money that he stole from a March of Dimes box. I also made him read up on just what the March of Dimes was as he said he didn't know what the box at the front of the room was for and that it was supposed to be a joke that he and his friends were going to put it in a different classroom. He has many control issues with his father and has even gotten into a physical confrontatio!
n with his father. I demanded that they attend therapy and my ex couldn't handle being confronted on some issues that really bother my son, one being that his father brings younger women with little kids, usually of a different race and religion, to his home when the boys are there for their weekend. My son resents babysitting for these children while my ex visits with his friend. He also was embarrassed that my ex still had the boys bedroom as they were when they were very young. Needless to say my ex refused to ever go back to the therapist again and told my son several times that he is not welcome in his home. My other son, the younger, with the mild CP, has a happy go lucky attitude and has lots of friends and wants to be social all of the time. One of his friends became interested in my older son and my youngest was very upset and I told my oldest to stay away from her as his brother obviously has a crush on her. My oldest never took it any further. He got his !
own girlfriend who he liked alot but she wasn't as interested and broke up with him. My youngest met up with her at an ice skating rink and they tried to have a "down low" relationship. My oldest found out and I think I forgot to mention that they are black belts in karate. Next thing you know, I have a Jackie Chan movie live in my formal living room. My youngest was actually pulling weapons out and it was a nightmare. My oldest said he would never hurt him but wanted to scare him. Either way it was horrible and my fiance intervened. I grounded my youngest for overstepping his bounds with our family and the principles that he knows he is supposed to follow regarding girlfriend issues and he didn't go to the ice rink that Friday. That was 3 weeks ago and I reasoned with my sons father and asked him to try and work things out with my oldest, so they are both there this weekend again. The boys took a walk to the park today as per my ex and my youngest saw some friends and wanted to go with them and my oldest told him they were geeks and r!
efused to go along. Then he said that his brother wouldn't bond with him. Then he took a total fit and demanded that his brother not be allowed to go to the ice rink tonight, which I think is good for his legs and he enjoys this and he seemed very sorry for dating his brother's ex girlfriend and has stopped all contact with her, so he says. My older one already had plans to go to his friends for a sleepover and a 16 year old poker party. No money involved, just chips and they pitch in for pizza and sodas. I'm just great full that he is social with some people. Needless to say I cannot stand the anger and hate between the two of them. After the original ex girlfriend incident we went to a 4 H fair and a boy there made fun of my youngest son's teeth and my oldest got extremely offended and stood up for him. I can't tell what's going on here. I think my oldest is controlling but is it possible he's trying to protect him. He has never physically touched him, my younges!
t has went after the older one. I know I am long winded and I apologize. Thank you. Oh and I scored a 99 on the test!

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My kids make bad deals with each other, then fight over them. How do I stop it?

My ten-year-old daughter has a habit of making ridiculous bribes so that her little brother will cave into her demands.

If she wants, say, the rest of his bag of chips, she'll plead, "Josh. Pleeeeeeeeze! Come on! I'll give you my Icebat Ugly Doll!''

Josh, who is six, usually falls for it. And usually, Janice hands over the toy. For about an hour. Then, we hear shrieks and sobs as they fight over the terms of the deal.

Janice's offers are always outsized, while the favors she wants are small. If he throws her napkin away, she'll swear to do anything he wants for the rest of the day, only to renege ten minutes later.

Sometimes, Josh will eye her suspiciously and refuse the offers. Sometimes, she'll promise something she wants to unload, like a duplicate fast food Pokemon toy, and there won't be a problem.

But it never lasts for long. We've tried banning the "trades,'' then, when that didn't work, letting them deal with the consequences.

We've encouraged Janice to scale back on the extravagent promises and warned Josh that if his sister offers him $100 dollars for his glow-in-the dark rubber bracelet, she's probably not going to fork it over.

I've also tried reciting scripts from parenting books..

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Son refuses to do schoolwork...

Parents Support One Another @ = I need help with the following issue: My 15 year old son refuses to do schoolwork. (other than that he's a good kid...)

My x let my 14 year old son get his ear pierced...

My x let my 14 year old son get his ear pierced. I have custody and while my son was visiting the "goober boy" he let my son get his ear pierced. I am totally shocked. I am completely upset. This is totally against everything I have been trying to teach my child. I just don't know what to do anymore.

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Anger management program for Intermitten Explosive Disorder?

Parents Support One Another @ = Has anyone tried the anger management program for Intermitten Explosive Disorder? If so, what do you think? After reading some, I think my child has Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Has anyone purchased the Anger Management program online, and if so, has it helped? My son is 15 and we have had a lot of issues with his rages. The most concerning are the ones when he is physically violent. Thanks for any advice/info.

15 yr old has been using drugs...

Parents Support One Another @ = I am a stepparent and my 15 yr old has been using drugs and having sex.

Daughter was diagnosed with a sensory integration problem...

Five years ago my daughter was diagnosed with a sensory integration problem when she was a child. Sure, it's tough to have that but her behavior is so nasty. She hates her brother. She's rude and defiant - the typical out-of-control stuff. She's on medication, refuses to speak to her therapist. She ruins every family party when she can't be the center of attention. My son wants to go to dinner on his birthday and does not want her to come along. Again, she is hostile, defiant, belligerent and loudly rude in public to get to us. Is it wrong to leave her with her aunt while we enjoy one peaceful outing. We are willing to let her have a dinner out on her September birthday without her brother, if she wants it that way.

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