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My daughter is not following rules...

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My daughter is not following rules, acts lazy, angry, won't listen. Acts as though the only important thing is her t.v. and games. If i take privledges away, she runs to her room and locks the door. she treats me like I'm the problem. she trys acting like she's underprivledged and I should ignore her rebellion, and not following the house rules. She is always wanting more and more and doesn't help out. I'ts frustrating

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Anonymous said...

She is acting that way because you are treating her like she's older than she is. If you have to tell her to not do something 5 times then you are NOT being consistent because you are telling her 4 times to many. When you tell her not to do something tell her ONCE, tell her why and tell her what the consequences will be if she should do it again.

Example: My 5 year old son and 3 year old son are sitting on the couch watching cartoons. My 5 year old keeps on kicking my 3 year old. I tell my 5 year old "Please stop kicking Taylor. He doesn't like being kicked. It hurts. If you don't stop then you are going to go and sit on the floor."
He kicks him again. I tell him to sit on the floor. I remove him physically, if necessary. If he asks later to sit on the couch he may only do so after apologizing and then he must sit without kicking.