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Anger management program for Intermitten Explosive Disorder?

Parents Support One Another @ = Has anyone tried the anger management program for Intermitten Explosive Disorder? If so, what do you think? After reading some, I think my child has Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Has anyone purchased the Anger Management program online, and if so, has it helped? My son is 15 and we have had a lot of issues with his rages. The most concerning are the ones when he is physically violent. Thanks for any advice/info.


Anonymous said...

At the risk of setting up a 'straw-man' argument, anger management is more humane and less expensive than jail. Anger, basic emotion that it is, is largely provoked by social situations; it is often a reaction to feelings of powerlessness, feeling taken-advantage-of or feeling disrespected. Anger management programs provide a positive message to participants that behavior change is possible, and that further problems are avoidable. This message is provided in an inexpensive therapy setting; there is no need to provide for costly meals or housing or security as is the case when jail is involved.

Anonymous said...

None of the "experts" really can say specifically what causes Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Many anger therapists are now reaching a point where they have to go back to the drawing board, and just lump IED in with all of the other psychotic and mental disorders. Do they really believe that everyone is a sociopath, just because it's a crazy world that we feel helpless to change? That's ridiculous! It is almost a contradiction that treatments like anger management courses talk about role playing and acting out the anger in a "healthy" way. That is almost begging to create a condition as intense as Intermittent Explosive Disorder. The reason is because, while acting out the anger can bring temporary relief, it has limitations on permanent effectiveness. Screaming into a pillow or hitting a beanbag with a ball bat can only go so far. All of the underlying issues and core reasons for your anger are still there, festering under the surface. And eventually, your IED continues to grow without proper release, with the resulting "treatments" being expensive and potentially embarrassing "cognitive therapy," for years, as well as anti-depressant medications, which contain a whole host of terrible side effects. The "treatment" is the same protocol for psychopaths? Doesn't that seem a bit out of balance? It is!

What if there was a way that you could easily LET GO of your anger, and allow it to dissolve quickly, long before it ever were to remotely turn into some kind of emotional "disorder?" The good news, there is that way; your real relief is at hand! With the all-natural and incredibly soothing Sedona Method, you can take develop a positive mental attitude, learn how to let go, and no longer be a slave to your own anger. The results are quick, painless, and permanent, and without nasty side effects. Best of all, no one else has to suffer, including yourself. Right Now, order this gift for yourself, and for your loved ones. You deserve the balm of kindness that the Course will teach you. It will be the best decision you will ever make in freeing yourself from anger for good. You don't have to become labeled as having a condition like Intermittent Explosive Disorder. You are a human being with real feelings, who deserves a peaceful, calm internal world, regardless of what is happening on the outside. Do it for yourself and for your loved ones. Anger can be released long before it becomes dangerous to yourself and others. You do not have to live this way.