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What do you do when you have a problem child in a church youth group?

We have a person at our church that interrupts, yells outs, insults, acts "emo", and is very attention seeking. We've tried to help her out, but she just seems to act the same, to get more attention. She even went as far as to make a suicide threat at church. She has ended up driving people away from our youth group.

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Anonymous said...

when I was like 12 .I hit a guy back "slightly" for hitting me at church, this man saw it and excluded me from that particular group, i quit church,my mother begged that man to apologize as it wasn't my fault.and to ask me to come back but he wouldn't.That took me away from Christ for many years,
You should sit her down with the pastor and have a long talk with her about Christ and his teachings. and teach her about faith and love,show her Love.and understanding,she needs something, find out what she needs.
you shouldn't be rude to her .do not run her off from church,But tell her that if she is going to continue her misbehavior then she will excluded from those activities she disrupts.but do be nice about it.Pray to the Spirit of God for guidance about this,Remember that Jesus said that having Love is the most important of all his teachings.I wish Y'all the best.

Anonymous said...

If you think her parents would actually help her and not punish her, speak to them. Tell them that you are concerned that she might be depressed (suicide threat), and recommend that she get some counseling with a licensed psychotherapist.

If you think her parents might be part of the problem, take this girl aside privately and kindly, gently tell her you are worried about her and would like to help. Then, steer her in the direction of a licensed psychotherapist.

Anonymous said...

You have an obligation to guide. Seems she has some real issues. Speak to her parent/parents regarding some psychiatric counseling. Have you spoken to her and her guardians, all of you together to give her x amount of time to speak & have the spotlight on her? She's crying out for something.

You've got some fasting, prayer, & homework to do.

Anonymous said...

Sit down and have a chat with this child and their parents about the behavior. And if it continues then ask her not to come back. Youth Group is supposed to be fun and a time to learn about God. It is not fair for her to interrupt the good time of the other children who want to be there.