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Did I give bad parenting advise?

Did I give bad parenting advise? My daughter has a friend. They are close or anything, but her mom and I are both single moms. The difference is that I love being a single mom and my daughter is well behaved. Her kid acts out like a toddler would. Our daughters are both 8 years old. Today they were over and her daughter made a HUGE scene when it was time to leave. The mom called later on to apologize for her daughters behavior. She seemed to be looking for answers, so I told her that my daughter has acted up and that I have to turn off my emotions sometimes and be strict and even mean. I told her that I don't tolerate disrespect and that I have even thrown out Christmas gifts and taken the door off her room for slamming it. I gave examples of harsh things I have done. She said that 'she could never do that'. And I felt like a bully and felt bad for sharing. My daughter and I have a good relationship and play games and joke around, but now I feel bad for sharing how strict I have been when she is disrespectful.


Anonymous said...

I do not think you were wrong. You simply gave advice when your friend implied that she needed some. Your way may not be her way and that is fine perhaps she will take some of your advice and adapt it to what she feels is appropriate, it is up to her. You were able to share your knowledge though and did not force her to your way of thinking, merely told her how you handle similar situations. Therefore i see no blame on you.

Anonymous said...

Its not bad advice, its just what you do. Yes maybe she could try different things not to have her do that, but its her choice. Personally I do the same kind of things (taking things away, sometimes for a long time). I haven't gotten to the door yet, but I'm sure I will. My plan for when they have a vehicle is to take out the battery or spark plugs. (cause I know they'll have a spare key, but spare battery -yeah right)

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad.. What you are doing is helping your daughter not be a disrespectful child.. in no ways are you physically abusing her so there is no need for you to be feeling bad! Maybe she should take some advice and learn how to deal with her daughter !! I punish my son and I have taken things away and thrown things out as well and he is well behaved for the most part.. and I DO NOT feel bad!! As you shouldn't either!