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Do you ever feel like you're in a constant parenting battle with your mother?

Does anyone else feel this way? I love my mother to death and appreciate everything she does for me as well as my children. Having said that however, I find myself constantly defending my parental choices to her. She's really quick to "critique" everything I do both as a mom and as a wife. I know that she doesn't mean anything by it and that it's said out of love but I always feel emotionally drained after she leaves.

Does anyone else experience this with their mother or is my mom just "unique"? :)

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Anonymous said...

I thought all mom's were like this with their older children? I know mine sure is. I don't think she can help it. "Oh, my you let your five year old wear light colored clothes? Don't you worry about the stains?". "You got a fish tank? Oh my goodness what a horrible idea." Or the positive comment followed by the negative jab - "You two are such good parents, but i can't believe you let your 5 year old use the computer. It's going to ruin her eyes!"

I just roll my eyes and laugh at her - not meanly, but I just can't help but chuckle at her because all these comments are coming from a woman who practically raised me in a smoke filled car, brought me home from the hospital in a cardboard box and "limited" me to 5 cans of Pepsi per day. But I'll give her this, at least she never let me wear white clothes! That's good parenting I tell ya!