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why is raising teenagers a challenge. i have ONE mom and ONE dad and 7 brothers and two sisters. no adoptions no step or halves. that makes ten of us. im 14 and me and my brothers and sisters are ALL ONE YEAR APART! so my parents are raising like 10 teenagers at one time and they say its a challenge. WHYYYYY? lol

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Anonymous said...

I see what you mean. Parents are all different just like your friends are. People are different just like other people like this and don't like that...blah and blah..
Depending on what religion your parents also can have impact. Some religion would love to have a lot of kids of their own and some believe they will be just as happy if they have only one.
If parents of many children are kind of rich and can afford to have many kids - it would not be a challenge at all because they can go to exclusive schools where less bad elements are present because exclusive schools are small in population and a bit strickter than other school and parents have to pay for that.
If parents of so many children are kind of on a poor side of life, it will be all challenge because they have to provide them with basic neccessities like happy home, nice clothings, nice house, even just simple appliances, good education, complete supplies like computer and internet, pocket money, healthy food, and most of all attention and love.
When people are a bit on the poor side, possibilities of fights among brothers and sisters and moms and dads could linger frequently.
So if any of related person to you is in this situation, you can tell them, to calm down and try not to argue on small things, mostly money, chores, food, and jealousy. You can tell them your idea of how not to fight with each other, and make it habit to think of helping out (on any forms) at home, even just washing dishes will really make a big deal.
The benefit though in big family is that, when the kids are all grown ups already, if the parents are a bit organize and know how to manage people (their kids), everybody will have a good time with each others company especially if they will pray together and share everything together, and the eldest kids could be the leader of doing good example at home.
I am from the big family myself, am the youngest and we were very poor when i was growing up. My mother died when I was poor, but now that we are all on our own, we are all a degree holders and have a very different life from when I was just a kid. We followed golden rules though, no cutting classes, no lazy behaviour, and helping each other is our motto, and my eldest sister was really disciplined because after she finished college she send my sister next to her to college before she get married. Isn't that cool. Then the rest is just like domino. Oh, and hear this, clothes and school uniforms including shoes and socks are being handed down to the next kid.........and that really binded us. This is from different country.

Anonymous said...

Whyyyy? what?

Why it's a challenge?
Uh, have you taken a look in the mirror and at your siblings?
Do you really wanna deal with that many teenagers?
Who probably all whine and complain?
And beg for money?
And a car?

Why your parents had so many damned kids?
Because they have no idea what a contraceptive is.
I would hope you do.

Anonymous said...

cuz 10's a big number

Anonymous said...

10 of you - wow! I heard this when I was a teen - and now I have teenagers. You will understand why it's a challenge when you have teens of your own. It can be very painful at times when wrong choices are made. But at the same time your parents have 10xs the blessings. Just be a good kid and things will go fine for all of you!