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Runaway Child?

My daughter is 15 yrs old now and is the second time she ranaway from home.Back in 10-07 she ran away and i found her 5 days latter.On 1-08 she ran away and all her so call friends tell me they have not talk to her which I know that is not true.I have contacted the police and the national center for missing and exploited children.I am scared to death some thing bad is going to happen to her.I pray to god she returns home safe.Can somebody please help me I'm thinking crazy,I just wanna die cause i dont know how to handle it i'm not strong enough all i do is cry.

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Anonymous said...

When she gets home, you nail her bedroom window closed, and put an alarm on her door.Take all but 2 sets of clothes.
Then talk to the school and tell them to make sure she goes to the principals office EVERYDAY, then you TAKE her to her class, then pick her up at the Principal's office and do NOT let her out of your sight.No phone calls, no online chats UNLESS you are listening in or standing over her shoulder.
Next, take her to the local jail on visiting day during visiting hours to let her see all the dressed up hoochies with little infants their to "stand by their man" who dumped them upon finding out they were pregnant, or didn't care enough about their g/f or baby to stay out of trouble.Then take her to some rehab centers and let her sit in on the family meetings, and take her to AA.This way she will see the WHOLE picture of the partying night clubbing life, not just the TV scenes and hollywood promotions of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this has happened to you. I think that you've probably heard everything by now counseling...maybe get her in some after school programs or something she enjoys. You didn't mention why she runs away. That's kinda an important piece of information to tell in order for people to give you their advice.

Anonymous said...

you need to take her to a doctor to make sure she doesn't have any underlying medical conditions which could make her mentally unstable and unable to make rational decisions. You also need to find out where she is going when she does run away she could be putting herself in harms way without even knowing it. Lastly i think she may need counselling because when a 'normal' teenager feels the need to runaway that could mean problems at home whether you are aware of them or not.

Anonymous said...

Do you think she may be scared to tell you something? I know that your position must be very difficult, but you need to get her to talk to you when you do find her. (hopefully soon) Maybe she is in a situation that you would not approve of. Let her know that you will love and support her no matter what.

Ask her if there is someone that she would like to stay with. If she is running away from your home maybe there is a reason. She could be pregnant or she may be running away from someone who lives in your home that may be abusing her.

However, she may just be a typical teenager. (which is most likely) I really am not trying to alarm you any further, but you DO need to be supportive when you do find her. If you work with her you may be able to build a stronger bond with her and it will be less likely that she will run away again.

I don't envy your situation and I hope that you find her soon.

Good luck.