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Do you think kids should be on their own at 18. Complete financial independance. Start paying rent if they are at home?


Is it the parents responsibility to help their kids get the help they need until they are more able. A place to live, help w/ college etc.

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Anonymous said...

Im glad you asked that.
21st century society has this stigma that as soon as a person reaches 18 they should be off to college away from home or have a job with their own flat. I think 18 is far too young. I see nothing wrong with families staying together for as long as possible. Especially if the parents and young adult get along to some degree. Even if they dont get along, the period between 18-25 are crucial in maturing.

Anonymous said...

Children should have responsibility and life lessons gradually added as they get older so that they can become independant adults. Building little by little is much easier than going cold turkey.

If done right, then the children will have a sense of responsibility from a young age. When my shildren were younger, much younger, they cut their own hair. I had them take their piggy banks to the salon to get it fixed. They did not have enough money, but they had to pitch in. They both grew up and are responsible.

Anonymous said...

Well it all depends. If my child were totally irresponsible and didn't know how to budget money I'd think twice about helping them. But if they were responsible and I knew if I helped them they wouldn't blow it, I'd do it. But if I'm helping them because they blew all their money before then NO I wouldn't. As for college, I would help them as much as possible, but were hoping on scholarships and/or grants. LOL

Anonymous said...

It totally depends on the kid & the parents situation. In our house there isn't a magic age, but once you have graduated from high school you are expected to contribute to the household. If you are going to school full time than most of the contribution will be labor, if you are working full time then of course you will be paying rent.

It is my responsibility as a parent to help them learn to become responsible adults before they head out into the world.