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Bipolar son, meds not working - help? Only happens at school?

My 10 year old son has been diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD by 9 different doctors. He has been in 3 different hospitals for suicide attempts (his dad side of the family has severe mental issues and his dad and his dad's mother have both committed suicide). Had I known this, I would not have married him or had children for fear of that happening to any child we might have. His father has now passed (suicide) and I am remarried and have a newborn. My husband and I have tried several doctors, hospitals all who have tried LOTS of different meds. None seem to work (been going through this for 6 years). Nothing seems to work. He has been kicked out of every school for violent behavior but is as sweet as pie at home. He says he "hates school and people" but has never been diagnosed with a social anxiety (shocking, huh?). Has anyone had issues with a child only in school but not at home? This is every school he has gone to scince preschool. Any advice??

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Anonymous said...

I know how this is im a freshman and my mother is bipolar,currently in a hospital in San Antonio but she is nowhere near suicidal she just gets really angry at times.And im very afraid I may have traces of it.But i think with my dads side of the family it balances out,and my dad tells me if he had known she had bipolar he would have never married anyway.I have had it up to here with bipolar people.Theres a guy in our class(came to our district in feb 07) says hes been kicked out of several schools big guy fat and ugh...pepporoni face.Its called proactive ,but anyway.

Its a pain but you have to try your hardest to deal with it.Thanks to the no child left behind law he has to get an education till the dropping out age.16 i believe.

Honestly if I were you and trust me im on your side in your position since you had no idea what you were getting yourself into i suggest you try legal action.If your that type of person.with legal help he can be put in a mental institution for the rest of his life since his suicidal attempts.basically say there is no way for me to help this kid im sorry.Lawyers usually take the side of the parent and since his father commited suicide thats an added bonus.Ya and shocking no social anxierty but really that related to not hating but not knowing what to say around people.

Anyway Good luck.Ill be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

talk to your son's doctor and therapist. Ask if your city allows for out of district placement for kids with special needs. In my city the public school system will allow special needs kids to move to specialized school and sometimes even private schools at no cost to the family. But you will probably need a doctor to document the need.

My husband's family has a history of mental illness, too. We are expecting our first biological child and my husband is very nervous. He doesn't suffer from anything (thank goodness) but his father and his father's mother were both very ill. And other extended family members have had issues.

You did not in any way imply this, but I wanted to throw it out there. Please don't blame your son's father for you son's illnesses. I'm sure that he loved you and your son and wouldn't have ever wanted your son to suffer. If you son feels like you blame his father he will take on some of that responsibility.

Good luck. I hope you are able to find a solution

Anonymous said...

Some natural medication to boost the seratonin is to get your kid to do exercise, eat vegetables, and take Evening Primrose Oil (available on the shelf at any pharmacy).

I'm not sure whether you could get him to do an individual exercise activity, or a group one, since he doesn't like people.

You could also try to home school him if things get too out of hand.