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My son is lying to me and skipping school...

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My son is lying to me and skipping school. He is a Junior in HS and says he wants to get good grades and go to college but is not demonstrating this behavior - I think some of his influence is coming from a not so well behaved girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

Can Truancy Be Controlled from within the School?

Yes, definitely. Peers have an undeniable influence on students' decision to become truant. One study reported that 84 percent of the interviewed truants said their friends skipped school. Antitruancy programs that expose truants to other peer groups and other methods of interaction may be effective in reducing truancy.

After school sports or other programs at the school site give students a chance to make new friends, experience a positive atmosphere, and feel a sense of accomplishment, which, in turn, may reduce their likelihood of skipping school.

The learning environment is also important to student performance. Teachers must arrive on time, give students frequent praise, interact with the entire class (preferably asking open-ended questions), minimize verbal reprimands and other forms of punishment, and deemphasize competition in the classroom (Rohrman 1993).

A Kentucky high school "requires" that teachers compliment marginal students as well as offering them opportunities to succeed daily (Rohrman).

The Osiris School Administration Program, a software package that allows administrators to maintain accurate, up-to-date, detailed information on each student, is being adopted nationally. The program contacts parents of absent students on a daily basis. After the fifth and ninth absence, warning phone calls and computer-generated messages are sent, totaling thirteen contacts to the families. The number of contacts made by the program may be altered to adhere to state or local attendance policies (Gullatt and Lemoine).

Anonymous said...

Goog Luck, I have the same problem. My son lives by the word of the girlfriend, in her eyes we are bad parents, put too many restrictions on him, and he goes along with it. He is at her beckoned call, I wish someone had the answer, let me know if you find it!