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Our son does not listen at all...

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Our son does not listen at all and now he is basically doing anything he wants including staying in someone’s house spending a night or the weekend and not telling us where he is.

School has become unimportant to him, so far he fail his academic year and he seems not to care a bit. He is also smoking weed frequently and he allows his friends to come into the house and do it in the basement while we are away.

Our house has become their hang out station for everything they want to do, of course all these happen when we are not around.

We are desperately in need for some guidance, I (dad) am about to lose self control and start going crazy in which my next step will be to beat him up....this is the last thing I want to do but I do not see any other choice.

Please help!


Anonymous said...

You need to show him who is boss and I'm not being funny when I say that. He needs to learn that you are the boss of him or he will continue to lose respect for you and call the shots in your home for the rest of his childhood.

Anonymous said...

Don't scold him, he needs to learn through positive affirmation instead. You can take other privileges away but don't withhold food or other necessaries. Show love but not when he has done something wrong and if he cries or gets upset when he is missing his privilege ignore it, that's the only way he'll learn or he will learn that he can emotionally blackmail you.

Anonymous said...

He will learn through conditioning that doing something bad results in loss of privilege.