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I am almost giving up on my son... = I need help with the following issue:
Hi! I really hope I can get some help. I am almost giving up on my hurts to much to see what he has become and I cant reach him.He has become another person. He his 16 and have a few court cases coming up for stealing, armed robbery, grafting, ets..He dont listen to anyone. He has a curfew from the police. He dont care and comes and goes as he likes. I am tired of being worried and have to pick him up from the police station or having them coming home to look for him.Hi has so much potential but he is waisting it all. He is not going to school, they took him out from there. Like anyone else, we tried different thing to help him. He is a sweet boy and something went wrong.I just want to help him before its to late.

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