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He has been in trouble with the police...

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I need help with the following issue: my son is 16 am i too late to try any of these stratagies. between the ages of 14 -16 he has been in trouble with the police for damage/graffitti, he has been permanently excluded from school following a fight, was then given a place at college where he has done nothing except get involved in cannibis and the wrong crowd.. In the next few days he will leave with no qualifications what so ever.. I know he feels he has messed up and doesnt know which way to turn , but he wont listen to any help/advice being offered. Also he is adamant he is taking him self off to the south coast to get a holiday job and is not coming back , he says hes got no real friends in his home town and wants toget away from all of them and start again..I dont feel he is mature enough to fend for himself, although he thinks he knows everyhting, his record so far says not... Is he too old for a wilderness camp or boot camp.. and how do i find out about costs, duration etc.


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Here are some of the expulsion laws that apply:

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Sounds like you need to get him to a substance abuse counselor. Get him straightened out while he is still a juvenile. Also, it would be a good idea for YOU to learn as much as you can about marijuana and other drugs, so if the situation arises again, you can confront it from a knowledgeable, educated standpoint. Good luck!!

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Ironwood, a Residential Treatment Center for teens located in the embracing Maine countryside, welcomes your troubled child into a safe and therapeutic learning environment. Licensed mental health professionals await the opportunity to help re-engage your teen and reunite your family.

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