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She hits me and calls me a bitch...

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I have an 11yr. old daughter who thinks that she doesn't have to listen to me and her step-father. She hits me and calls me a bitch. What can I do to make her listen to me.

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Anonymous said...

For the safety of everybody involved, police should be called for ALL violent episodes that
occur on the part of the adolescent with the perceived intent of injuring a family member or
destroying property that belongs to other family members. Violence that has no consequences will
continue to escalate and could eventually result in a serious incident, so this type of behavior needs
to be halted immediately by allowing the adolescent to experience serious consequences for the
violent behavior (police, charges and possible court date). It sounds harsh to call the police on your
own youngster, but it is better to have the adolescent learn from you that violence will never be
tolerated, and that this behavior is absolutely forbidden, than for your adolescent to wind up in jail
down the road because he never had any consequences for violence at home. An old saying states
that if a mom/dad does not properly discipline a youngster, eventually society will do the disciplining.