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I have a very defiant 17 yr old daughter...

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I have a very defiant 17 yr old daughter who wont be 18 til May of next year. She has a drug and alcohol problem, wont come home for weeks on end, she doesnt attend school, she has been in trouble with the law (although she doesnt have a record because they have never arrested her), she is very disrespectful to me. This is very tough on me because I am a single mom with no money.

I have tried just talking to her to get her to open up to me (she says I wouldnt understand). I have also tried getting mad at her, taking things away from her, grounding her, etc. i have a ton of missing person reports filed on her. The police say for me to get counseling for her. I tried, she doesnt want it and wont go.they say for me to physically put her in the car, but she gets physical back.

She has also attempted suicide before. Pls HELP! I have also looked into lock down facilities, but I cant afford one.



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Anonymous said...

While your teen is learning to become independent, you will still need to guide the way. This is especially true when it comes to serious issues like drug use because it is not just your teen you are dealing with. There are the drug dealers who would love to get to your child or the negative peers who would use your child to valid their drug using behavior. Therefore, it is very important you make a conscience effort to set the rules where teen drug use is concerned.

Here's How:

1. Tell your teen that drug use of any kind will not be tolerated in your family. Be clear so that there is no interpretation. Ask if he understands these expectations.

2. Ask your teen if there are any questions. Be prepared to answer these and bring up a few of your own if you feel more information needs to be discussed. Continue talking to your teen about drugs after the rules have been set.

3. Establish the consequences for breaking the rules. Be firm with them. Once these are set, think of the consequences as black and white – no gray area here. Don’t let your teen off the hook or add consequences when a rule is broken.

4. Check up on your teenager. When he tells you his plans, check them with other parents. Let your teen know that you take the role as his parent very seriously.