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Son will not come home or tell us where he is...

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Our son 15 year old son will not come home or tell us where he is. He has been gone for 2 nights and it is 8:00 pm on the 3rd night. He showed up today for about 30 minutes and left again. he is mad because we have taken his phone away so I am sure he is trying to pay us back by not communicating. I have heard of his whereabouts so I know he is OK. I am thinking of calling the police. What should I do?


Anonymous said...

talk about y he ran away calmly first, which means no yelling or sarcastic remarks and jst listen to wat he has to say and be open to it...
then punish him based on wat u think is reasonable...
but DONT call the cops, ur son will b sent to juvenile detention and hes obviously not in any danger; y make more trouble for the both of u?

Anonymous said...

I would ask him where he went, why he felt he couldn't talk to me and why he thought he needed to get away. If it was just because he was being a brat and didn't get his way or something like that then I would of course ground him, if it was because of family issues he was having I would get some counseling for him, let him know how much I care about him, possibly change my parenting skills a little bit.

Obviously I would contact the police first.

Anonymous said...

As soon as i realized he was missing i would file a missing persons report with the police department.

I would have a lot of questions when he came back home.

Why did he leave ?

Where did he go ?

Who was he with ?

Why he did not come talk to me about what was bothering him before he ran away ?

Who were the people he was hanging out with ?

If he planed on doing it again ?

Why he did what he did ?

What could i do to fix what was wrong with his life ?

Would he be willing to go and see a counselor ?

I would try to figure out where i went wrong as a parent that my child felt that he couldn't come and talk to me about his problems.