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We had problems with her creating a private facebook profile...

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I need help with the following issue:

I'm just starting my session 1 assignments. Can I introduce a chore list and a behavior/consequence contract during this time? Or should I wait until session 2? Also before I started this program I had taken away my daughters tv, cell phone, and access to the computer. should I give those back now and start fresh and new? We had problems with her creating a private facebook profile with out our consent and was using it to live her so called double life which included friends talking about using drugs and abusing alcohol , and since we have taken that priviledge away she has been ok without long should I keep her from using facebook and she does have facebook on her phone...I told her about a week ago that when we choose to let her have a facebook profile again that I would need to be friends with her on it to help regulate it..but that is what I was already doing on her main facebook profile, then she created the second one without my knowledge until I figured it out when I was informed of her secret boyfriend and drug and alcohol use.

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Anonymous said...

Firstly, you are sending messages here where parents respond to other parents. It sounds like you are addressing Mark Hutten specifically.

Also, these issues that you raised are all covered in his ebook. I would wait until after you get through all 4 sessions -- then email Mark.