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We wanted to transfer her out of this school to our local private High School...

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I need help with the following issue:

I have a meeting with my 15 year olds school councelor in 2 days to discuss a plan for her lack of responsibility and continuing to be tarty and some unexcused absences from some classes. We wanted to transfer her out of this school to our local private High School because of these issues plus having issues with her seeing a 17 year old boyfriend who she hid from us because of his lifestyle which includes drugs, alcohol and no parental involvement or rules. I was notified by a concerned friend about her doing the drug "ecstacy" which completely shocked me and scared me because I am very cautious about where I allow my daughter to go and who she hangs out with. This is when I became aware of all the lying and disrespect came next. She refused to sign the student form for the New private high school, so I have made a new arrangement so it puts the ball in her court. I am making a contract between parent and teen that states what we expect of her for her to continue at this same high school and if she doesnt follow then we will transfer her to the private high school.My question is..what if she does break the contract and she still refuses to go to this private high school? And am I handeling this in the right way?

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Mark said...

Transferring her to a different school will NOT accomplish want you want to accomplish here. It is NOT going to help with tardies or unexcused absences ...and it's NOT going to keep her from seeing her boyfriend.

You will find strategies in sessions #3 and #4 to deal with this. Keep her in the high school she is in now.

Be sure to go all the way through the program -- and watch all the videos.