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Do you believe that most permissive parents where raised by authoritarian parents?

Not authoritative, but the extreme authoritarian parents. Wouldn't that explain the lack of discipline in their homes?

If they were raised with overbearing parents doesn't it make sense that they want to give their children "freedom" to do as they please?

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, sometimes that can influence it, but I also believe that are personality types hold true. An extremely authoritative parent can have a child that is strict like that or a child that is easy going and will never be like that. I believe it just depends on the child's personality and how they experience the things of their life :).

Anonymous said...

my parents where strict with me but not overbearing I had boundaries and got disciplined if I over stepped my bounderies. and I now raise my daughter the same way. I think the way my parents raised me was good at the time when I was younger and when I wasn't a parent my self I thought they where so up tight but now I realized they did what they did because they love me.

Anonymous said...

I think we parent according to what we learned from our parents. The good things we implement, the things that didn't work well we modify. Hopefully we become better parents if we saw things that needed improving as we grew up. Usually extreme parenting on either side has flaws. A blend of both styles can be more beneficial.
Mrs. M

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that one is more likely than the other.

An adult who didn't like the way that their parents parented them is just as likely to research parenting approaches & choose a more competent & effective way of doing it as the are likely to simply react & do the opposite.

And, they are equally as likely to decide that, since they turned out OK in the long run, then the way their parents did things must have been just fine, so they'll go ahead & do it that way, too.

The wikipedia article defining parenting styles is rather biased (and admits to that on the 'talk' page) - there's a pretty good article defining the various words used to describe these parenting styles here, as well:

Anonymous said...

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