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Is that enough of a consequence?

Today my son went to work and left his ipod on at an extremely loud setting in his room behind a locked door. I, of course had the key, so I unlocked it and took the IPOD and his XBOX. Is that enough of a consequence? Is it best to leave it be now that I am once again in a quiet house and in possession of his electronics?

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Anonymous said...

Seems like an appropriate consequence to me. The teenagers under our apartment play loud music daily. It is very annoying to us as well.

papasmoke said...

Does this happen often?...or was this the first time? Did he leave it on intentionally to annoy you?...or did this happen inadvertantly? I'd try and determine his motive. If it was intentional or as a result of "attitude", then by all means I'd impose a consequence. If it was unintentional and due to distractions or lack of focus, I'd give him a warning instead of a consequence.

Anonymous said...

Hi Papasmoke,

Yes this happens often?...I'm not sure if he left it on intentionally to annoy me?

I will try determine his motive. And I'll give a warning first, but I'm not sure what to do if he ignires the warning.