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My daughter will get angry and not answer her phone...

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Here's my dilemma. My daughter will get angry and not answer her phone even when she knows I have an urgent issue to discuss with her.

Likewise, she is a poor driver and has a couple of tickets and accidents-no injury. She must pay for the additional cost in insurance to continue driving but does not yet have a job (she's 17), so she has to use her car to job hunt as we live a ways from town.

The car and the phone are the only things she really cares about, but if I take them away, I have no means of communication and she can not look for a job, and/or I have to drive her everywhere. I am single and have to be out of town for a couple of days from time to time as well. Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I would say you'll need to figure some way to drive her, but only to those places she absolutely has to go to.

Anonymous said...

Her cell phone and her car are you best bargaining chips. Figure some way to communicate and transport while she is without cell and car.