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my daughter won't listen to me until I raise my voice...

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I'm trying to maintain my "poker face" but my daughter won't listen to me until I raise my voice.


Anonymous said...

she needs to learn a lesson in respect ok for 1. your the one in charge and she can not get disrespectful or talk back to you. children need to learn respect for their elders if they dont then they would barely respect their parents. show her whos boss.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. My daughter will be 14 next month and I have been going through the smart mouth and attitude with her since she turned11 or 12. It isn't getting any better either. She never has anything nice to say to me and has told me she hates me and doesn't like me. She has been grounded from the phone for weeks and has not stayed over with anybody for even longer. Still she smart mouths anyway and when I smack her she tells me to stop hitting her and that I should never have had her. (She just doesn't realize how sick I was with her the whole time I carried her.) She gets mad when her friends call and we won't let her talk to them. She won't get up in the mornings to get ready for school; that is a fight every morning. I have whooped her to no end and I am to the point of sending her to a boot camp.
She had begged her dad to take her to the mall and then she wouldn't even get out and walk with him. She doesn't seem to appreciate anything we do for her. So now I am just gonna start popping her with the hickory, belt, fly swat,..etc. everytime she pops something out of her mouth. I asked her three times to get up this morning and twenty minutes later she was still in the bed so I got my husbands belt and then she got moving but she talked to me like I was trash. She is nice and polite to everyone but me. We live in the country so she can't go to the park. I guess that is a good thing because if she snuck out her window I'd beat the snot out of her and then board her window up with plywood. She used to smart me up because I'd forget to dry her clothes so I told her she could do her own laundry from now on. She is old enough and old enough to help out in the house. She lives here too. When we tell her that she needs to earn her keep and help with the chores of the house she tells us that it is our responsibility to take care of her. That may be true but it is also our responsibility to make sure that she gets taught to be responsible and not be lazy. I have prayed and prayed for her and got all of my church to pray for her. My 10 yr old doesn't even dare to act like my oldest. I hope she is seeing what her sister is putting us through and decides not to do the same.