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How do you get a teen to hand in items for bad behaviour?

Parents Support One Another @ = How do you get a teen to hand in items (we take away all electronic items) for bad behaviour? He has threatened to get a knife, to runaway etc today as he is so worked up about loosing his stuff. His therapist tells us we need to reward him with his things for being good instead of punishing him. We have had more success with your program.

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This is covered in session #3 of the online version of the eBook.

If he refuses to relinquish items for confiscation, then he is grounded - the grounding can be lifted as soon as he turns-in the item in question.

In the future, take possession of the items in question and allow him to have use of them ONLY for a pre-established period of time. For example, he can have a cell phone from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM (on hours). The cell stays in your (parents) possession during off hours.