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17 yrs old teenager is not complying...

Parents Support One Another @ = I need help with the following issue: 17 yrs old teenager is not complying and out control, he comes home late and wants to do everything his way.


Anonymous said...

I think after 17 years you have had enough time to instill morals and principles into his life. He knows exactly where he is and what he's doing. It is your house, you lay down the rules and if he does not abide by them, throw him out!!!!

Why should parents have to tolerate this behaviour from children? Who laid down that law? Children are there to respect their parents. If he lives in his own house and earns his own money and provides for himself, sure, allow him to knock himself out.

Teach him to take responsibility for his decisions and actions and look after himself. He sure knows how to apply it when manipulating you.

Anonymous said...

Take him to a counselor so you both can find out the underlying cause of his behavior. Don't forget your job as a parent is to get your children ready for life as an adult.