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Daugher lying, stealing, cheating...

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My 13yr old daughter has been lying; stealing clothes from her sister and now caught cheating in her math class; I am only just beginning the sessions. The math teacher called me this am to advise me of what happened; my question is how do I handle this situation when she comes home from school???? Please help me.


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Find a clever way to trick her into feeling the same way that someone else would feel if u stole from them and lied. I wouldnt suggest on doing anything harsh, but the restrictions help. I think you should ground her from going anywhere though, if she gets mad, then tell her "If you did not want to have to stay home, then you should not have stole or lied." Thats how I usually set kids straight. After a while if your child feels sad, try to cheer her up and then say something like "If you promise never to steal or lie again, I'll let you go to Saturday." Or... you could just sit down and have a talk with her then keep restrictions on her until she apologizes.


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Anonymous said...

Kids cheat because they don't want to get bad grades. Isn't that why you did it as a kid (honestly, we've all done it at some point)? Make sure your daughter knows that you're disappointed in her actions and that you expect that it will never happen again. Ask her why she cheated. The worst that could happen is she says, "I don't know." Talk with her about other ways she could have handled the situation. Make her think about what she could have done before the test and during the test. Ask her what she plans on doing the next time she has a math test. Support her teacher's decision in handling the matter. If the teacher gives her a zero for the assignment, make it clear to your daughter that she will have to work even harder to make up the difference. She needs to see that cheating hurts more than it helps in the long run. Obviously she needs to know that both you and her teacher love and care about her (which is why the teacher called and why you're talking to her) and that you don't dislike her because of the mistake she made. It's better that she learns this lesson now than when she's working for a big company like Enron. :)