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How can I help her to get over him...

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I have a 16 year old daughter who I have made to stop seeing her boyfriend. He stays in trouble all the time and has been caught shoplifting. They dated 8 months. How can I help her to get over him and let her see that he has brought her down and is no good. She can do so much better. I feel like a dirt-bag because I had to do this.


Anonymous said...

she will be stubborn when you tell her you don't like this guy. i was when i was 16.
unfortunately as much as you say or do she may only leave this guy when he hurts her.
Hopefully she'll be smart enough to realise that he is a jerk before he hurts her.
Dont give into everything she wants.
you need to sit her down and talk to her and ask her what she wants in life and what are her goals. This guy will only drag her down so try and let her see that.
If she wants to be with him then she will find a way to be with him.
I suggest birth control first if she has already slept with him.
You would rather be safe then sorry, and being 16 she will be rebellious.
Its a tough situation here, but hopefully she will mature and realise this guy is no good. i wish you all luck

Anonymous said...

that's a tough one. you may just have to tell your daughter that she is the only one who is going to make her life successful and if she makes mistakes now they could have life long consequences. so she better think of her decisions - like, where will she be in 5 years if she doesn't go to college? how will she make money? what if her b-friend leaves her? how will she take care of herself? she can't predict the future and she needs to cover all bases. give her sound advice in addition to, i hate to say this, but really taking away her freedom until the relationship is broken. i mean, it's for her own good. this guy is no good and you can see it. tough love. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Don't force/tell her to do anything. Just give her advice and leave it up to her. Tell her that you're glad she's in love, but she's only thinking of the present. She's just thinking of how she wants to be with her boyfriend, but she's only 16, and it's very unlikely that she'd have a future with him, no matter how great the present is. But, skipping college WILL affect the future. In a decade or two, she will regret her decision. She will be single and uneducated. But it's really up to her. She's not a baby anymore. Her parents won't make decisions for her.