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Is anyone else shocked by the lack of knowledge about conception in today's teenagers?

Don't parents talk to their children about sex anymore, at all? My Mom was far from being an "open book" when it came to sex, but I remember well the talk she gave me when I was about 10 as to where babies come from. And starting in middle school, we learned about ovulation, how babies are conceived, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, childbirth... aren't they teaching any of that in school these days?

Another thing that shocks me is the number of teenagers I see who are trying to have a baby with their boyfriends - with little thought as to how hard, and expensive it is, to raise a child. I have always loved children, but the thought of having one before I was an adult NEVER crossed my mind!

What do you think has caused this shift in thinking, societally?

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Anonymous said...

It kills me to see kids thinking about having babies (or actually having Them) there must be a 100 posts on YA! alone asking 'I'm 13 how do I tell my parents I'm pregnant" It really makes me sick to think about it. And you are right my mom was far from an open book but she told me the basics and what I need to know and the consequences that I would have to face with the actions I took. But MY mother also taught me the difference between wrong and right. She also taught me that sex isn't about having fun or doing it because everyone else is she taught me that making love is something two people do when they are in love and committed to eachother. I don't think parents put enough emphasis on the fact that having sex is about love and commitment rather then just a good time.I also learned A LOT in school.

So I agree and you are right. I think kids these days either think ;it won't happen to me' or they have this fantasy about what having a baby is all about. They have it completely backwards. I think there are plenty of parents who don't talk to their kids seriously about sex and babies. It's just like I see in the news a middle school wants to have condoms in the nurses office and parents freak out about it but the truth is 1. if parents REALLY talked to their kids about sex this wouldn't need to be done 2. if kids didn't have the wrong mentality about sex and babies this wouldn't need to be done 3. kids are going to do whatever they want even if parents tell them no so at the least they should be protected when they do it!

I also think that as much as some people think it is wrong to have sex and get pregnant young it is happening so often these days that it is starting to become the 'norm'. Just like birth control and condoms so kids can slut around , just like abortions as a quick fix.... it's becoming 'the thing to do' in order to handle situations and it's not right. The question is how do we fix it?

Anonymous said...

I'm 30 years old (well will be in a few weeks) and i have to say this isn't all that new to society. We had 14 and 15 year olds getting pregnant when i was in school. In fact our valedictorian in 1995 was 8 months pregnant at commencement. In a class of 480 there were 20+ mothers with children ranging from 3 and under.

Society fell on its head trying to be politically correct. Instead of our schools teaching sex ed at age 10+ it now waits until students are 13 before teaching basic puberty. Instead of learning about sex by age 12-13 it now waits until age 15. And although in our area they do teach gay and lesbian aspects (have to applaud that) They try to cram a lot of information into a small time frame and dont actually get much information covered thoroughly. Add the fact that most parents are leaving it up to the schools to educate their children on this topic and it creates disaster. 15 yrs ago when i started having sex my mom took me for birth control. Other girls my age went to planned parenthood and got put on the pill free of charge, no questions asked. Now you need parental consent for planned parenthood which leaves embarrassed teens without protection.