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My twin 16 year old boys went to a party?

My twin 16 year old boys went to a party? ...they didnt drive, they rode with a friend. Well, they drank a few beers and were quite tipsy....we have always told them about drinking and driving etc...and that they should not drink until they are of age, but that they could always call home for any reason...they called their older brother to come pick them my oldest son broke up the party and made sure all the kids got home safe...the twins didnt tell me, my oldest son told I punish them....or chalk it up as a learning experience...they dont know that I know, it happened last night. What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my youth. I would not let them know that I knew. It would let them know that their Brother was not to be trusted. Never let that happen. I think that everything seems to be handled just like it should have been. A credit to your rearing of your eldest. I would be tickled that they trusted their brother and had the sense to call him. He handled it well and I would let him give them the lecture. It will mean more to them than any punishment that you could dish out.

Anonymous said...

I do think a punishment is in order, but only following a good long discussion about it. It's important for you to remain calm and cool about it, and let them know how lucky they are to have a very caring and responsible older brother.

I think they know what they did was wrong, but it needs to be reinforced with maybe a good grounding, and let them know that their party-going will be heavily monitored from now on because of this.

Also be sure to praise them for calling home and not getting in the car with the friend.