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Would you get mad if your daughter was looking at porn?

Would you get mad if your daughter was looking at porn?


Anonymous said...

No I wouldn't, unless it was something horribly offensive or disgusting that I felt I needed to immediately address.

I would have to have the embarrassing talk with her though to explain things, and ask if she's got questions.

If she's young, she might not have meant to look (sometimes the simplest search strings come up with porn for some stupid reason - and I've known one kid who thought hotmail was spelled hotmale and got a rude awakening) and you should explain perhaps how to avoid getting that content, and how it's something for adults.

If she's older, then she might just be curious about it seeing as everyone seems to yammer on about it all the time, and wanted to see what it was about.

If it's something she's interested in to look at, and if it's not anything offensive, then just discuss how you don't support these people sharing their all on the internet (so she doesn't want to!), that it isn't realistic and/or explain your concern over viruses that come from these sites.

If it didn't offend you (was just normal couple porn and doesn't involve anything illegal) then really, what harm comes from looking at it? You could encourage her to use her own imagination, but some people are visually stimulated.

So decide how YOU feel about it, and if there is anything you feel that you should explain/discuss with her.

And if you're the daughter and you were caught and got yelled at, then respect that your parents don't want you looking at that sort of thing and either hide it better, or just use your imagination until you move out and get your own internet connection!

Anonymous said...

Well, porn isn't realistic. It paints a false picture that sex is totally safe and that women are purely objects. Obviously she is a teenager, boy or girl, they are all "hormonal". So there isn't anything much to be concerned about. Ask her, as awkward as it may be, if she actually takes what she sees in these porn movies seriously. If she does, you must explain to her that women are in no way objects, and she should never do whatever a guy wants to do. As for getting mad. Don't. That will upset teens even more and cause them to do something even more drastic. Besides, there is nothing to be angry about. Times now are different. It is time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Depends on how old she is. And what type of porn it is. I'm sorry, I understand curiosity. But I wouldn't be able to condone some of the porn that's out now. Some of it is really gross. And illegal at any age. But if it was just regular porn (PlayGirl) I would be fine with it so long as she wasn't under 14 or so. I've been a teenager, I know that sometimes you just have to see for yourself. And most people say that it's cool for boys, well girls have urges and curiosity too.