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12 Year old son?

I been having behavior with my 12 year old son. Recently he saw a therapist. I was told my son is suffering from Depression and might also have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. His father is not around. At school teacher complain about his behavior. Recently he was given detention for 3 days for picking on a kid. and also the teacher ask him to stop making a sound that he does by his mouth. THis clicking sound he does notice this since he was a toddler. How can i explain the teacher / school about this. He can't stop making this sound is not that he does it all day. but he can't control it. I trying to do the best thing for my son.. how would you as a parent handle this situation of this clicking sound. would appreciate. thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I can help with the clicking sound. Has he been to an audiologist recently that is trained in CAPD? A central auditory processing disorder is not a problem with hearing but a problem with the brain and how it processes sound specifically differentiating between foreground and background noise. My friend's son has this and used to always get in trouble for making noises before he was diagnosed. It is a medical condition and not behavioral, they shouldn't punish him for it because its not his fault. So basically what is happening is that he can not focus on what he should. So in the classroom when the teacher is talking he hears, the waterfountain in the hallway, a toilet flush, birds chirp, feet shuffling, doors shutting, kids coughing and anything else all at the same decibel sound level as the teacher talking. This makes kids with CAPD appear inattentive when they aren't. They get distracted by all the noises. So they make the noise to help differentiate the sound. These kids are frequently misdiagnosed as ADHD, my friend's kid was. Your son could have ADHD to but I doubt it. My friend's son also became depressed from trying to deal with his CAPD, and still sees a therapist but no longer takes any meds or is depressed. He was diagnosed age 8. There are strategies/therapies to improve central processing, such as wearing an amplifier that goes right into the ear when talking, and when doing seatwork, wearing sound buffers on the ears (there are more).

Anonymous said...

If your son has ADD HA don't allow him to have Ritalin it will ruin him later in life.
My 3rd grandson had it and now I'm positive he has aspergers so check it out there is also a connection to autism so again look it up before allowing him to have drugs
Depression sort of doesn't fit in with ADD HA as they are quite the opposite.
Loud fidgety unable to keep still lack of concentration so ask to see a specialist.

Anonymous said...

When is it okay to be depressed and when is it not?! Depression is a natural emotion like happiness. Are you going to treat someone for being happy too much?
As for school... Instead of telling your child to stop making those noises ask why he makes them. Does he make the noises during certain situations? Like some people do when sitting at a desk with your legs crossed and shaking your leg (a nervous habit), but normal.
When I was little I use to make this wierd sound ( like on the the movie the Grudge) till I fell asleep. I only remembered I made the sound when the movie came out. I grew out of it !