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My 12 year old is angry and having a meltdown...

Parents Support One Another @ = I need help with the following issue: my 12 year old is angry and having a meltdown. i am afraid to go near him due his violent temper. he is throwing everything in his room, spitting and screaming and being completely destructive. i dont know what to do, but it needs to

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Anonymous said...

If you live in the US, you can petition the Family Court in your county and have him put on the PINS program. (Persons In Need of Services)
This is a program through the Probation Department. You are the one who tells the Probation Officer what your rules are and what the consequences will be if your son breaks them. If he breaks call the police and he's arrested for whatever violation he did. It's a scary thing to do to your child but it does work! It's a very hard step to take but one that needs taking NOW. I had to put my daughter on this program twice...once at 14 and again at 16. She's come around and realized I wasn't taking any more of her anger, talking back, beating me, etc.
You can have rules as well for him attending school...even home schooling with a tutor.
He's got the upper hand on you now and he knows it. It's time for you to take control back.
I wish you the best and will keep you in my prayers.