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My teen is probably smoking pot...

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My teen is probably smoking pot. i have found pipes and also they have angry outbursts if i try to ground them they just leave the house anyway. their older brother has been a bad influence with him and i stopped giving them any money except for lunch at school ...I don't know how to influence him due to all the peer influence and easy availability of this drug. he refuses to take a drug test.


Anonymous said...

Let him know that you considered calling the police and how very dissapointed in him you are. That worked on me and it works on most kids even though they are good at not letting know it. Inspect his room periodically. Force him to do drug tests. Stop letting him set rules for a while. If you involve the police it will turn what may be just experimentation into something that he may never forgive you for. Just My Opinion.

Anonymous said...

talk with him and if that dosen't work...SEND HIS *** TO BOOT CAMP, hey, it always works on those talk shows like dr.phil maury, montel etc.

Anonymous said...

I believe knowledge is the best tool you have. Talk to him rationally, and ask him why he feels the desire to smoke. And then present facts that show smoking probably isn't the path to where he wants to be going in life.
You can ask him to stop at least until he's 18, as your own personal wish, but it's still his choice.
Find something to divert his attention and interest - sports, hobbies, etc.
Finally tell your kids every day at least you love them. And mean it.