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My spoilt daughter...

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My spoilt 15 yo OOCT daughter has got a new repertoire to get her own way. Crying, acting out, yelling, screaming, swearing - no response or change of mind from me. So now she tries hitting, biting and threats of suicide. No remorse afterwards - I made her do it. It is not her fault - it is not fair to have consequences. HELP!

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I stopped being a nagging mother, and Listened to my daughter as a friend would. Gave her some space to be her own person, as much as it scared me to death. I started enjoying the things she loved as a child and doing them with her again. Now she is 16 and driving, and holding down a full time job, plus attending high school, and making plans for college. Sometimes if you pressure your children or back them into a corner, they will rebel, and then you've got real problems, so just try, as much as it hurts to let go a little bit. It does help.