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Am I being defensive??

Parents Support One Another @ = I need help with the following issue:

I have friends telling me to do this or do that!!! Be strong! Punish! Let them know you will not have it! Throw them out! ....the friends just think it is a question of being tough! I do not think so. It has been tried and IT DOES NOT WORK......the friends drive me crazy with their glib I being defensive??

I have started session 1 and am using my poker face with the kids....(seems to be working!)...I'm not sure if this is really a question...seems more like blowing off steam.....I am glad I found this site!!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you're being defensive - I don't know. Your friends are partially correct, you do have to be tough. But this program is about tough love. That's 2 words - tough AND love. It takes a balance between nurturing and discipline - one without the other will not - as you say - "work."


Single father of 2 teen girls

Anonymous said...

Its good to hear your poker face is working. So, blow off some steam here which is one of the many reasons this site is here!

I'm sure your friends are trying to provide you with support in dealing with your children. Take it as that, and let it roll off your shoulder. The other comment about Love and Tough were excellent by the way!